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  1. I'm not sure what to do. I have decided to start performing with custom decks more because I like the feel and looks of them better than bikes or tally ho's. I want to get a brick or more of one custom deck to have on hand to perform with that way I can have extras if I destroy cards.

    Here is where my problem is:

    My two favorite packs of cards are Sentinels and now the D1IE. From what is said on the D1IE page, they are the same stock and everything as the Sentinels. This is awesome. I also like the D1IE design WAY better than the Sentinels. I don't know which to get though. The page said the D1IE's are being sold in limited quantities which means that they won't be selling them for very long. I don't want to get them, and then by the time I need more, they aren't sold any longer.

    So I want suggestions. Should I get D1IE's and just use them as long as I can or should I just go ahead and get Sentinels to perform with and one or two packs of D1IE?

  2. Why can't they make 'Luxury' cards with a /simple/ deck design.

    I only buy like 2 decks of these cards, for a test. But don't use them because the I dislike the design. I wish the Wynn design stayed in production.

  3. If you only should buy 12 decks, I would buy 6 Sentinels and 6 D1IE. By the time you have used your Sentinels, the D1IE will probably have been sold out and you could sell them for a much higher price than you bought them for, and buy more Sentinels/Other cards.
  4. I would agree. But prob get more D1IE, as I think Sentinels are a more permanent fixture.

  5. Well... you like both... One of them is limited, the other one isn't.
    Go with Sentinels, get couple Deck One. Problem solved.
    It's not that big of a deal to go with your lesser favored item, and it's not like you hate the other choice anyways.
  6. I just talked to my mom. She says she needs stocking stuffers for me and she OK'd me ordering a brick of D1IE and a brick of Sentinels for her to give me for Christmas lol
  7. i just buy 3 D1IE and 3 sentinels..
    no more less..
    i prefer 125's dont know why...

    but i still wait until friday to have another SM5^^
  8. I know is your money (well...your mom`s money) but performing with custom decks is not the way to go, I know you like the feel and look, but you have to look to the bigger picture here, most gimmicks come in regular bycicle stock and also rises suspicion among your audience...

    Also when I am out doing table hopping or busking I can destroy 1 deck per night if is quiet, so maybe you are not perfoming this hard now, but believe me if you continue doing magic, that will happen to you also...
  9. 125's are beast... The only good thing that has come out of Kentucky... jkjk

  10. That's why masters are a nice ordinary looking deck, but, it has the nice thick stock :D
  11. You could always save your money and get a private run of cards that YOU want.

    I for one would go with Bike design on Aladdin 1001 "Smooth" stock and finish.
  12. To whichever t11 staff see's this,

    Can you tell us approx how many Deck One's are still in stock? I would like to know if I should get them now, or later.
  13. you can do that?!?!?!?!
  14. OK...I'll chime in here with my little secret. I buy the Master's Bicycle Decks from E because I love the thick stock but do not like the box because it doesn't look normal to most of my laymen. So...it's simple, I throw away the Master's Box and put the custom bikes in the standard bike box that comes from Walmart or Costco. End of story....everyone is happy and everything appears normal.

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