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    Hey everyone here's the link for America's Got Talent on YouTube
    Dan Sperry put his video up and if he wins he will perform live on August 10th.
    Support him and go vote!! His video is in the Voting Gallery
  2. i'm not from america...can i vote for him???
  3. I can't find his actual video anywhere?
  4. When you get to the site on YouTube click on Voting Gallery. When that shows up look for Dan Sperry...he's wearing a purple tie and all black. His face is painted and his hair is spiked up. His arms are bent towards his mouth. He performs "Lifesaver"
    The title of his video Anti-Conjuror YouTube Edition. You can also find him by running your mouse over the videos and his name and title of his video will appear.
  5. Yeah, he is a little hard to not notice. haha dan is awesome. he is my inspiration.
  6. direct link:

    hey guys thanks for the help, here is the direct link...wait like 10-15 secs into the video and a banner will pop up at the bottom of the player asking you to vote with thumbs up or thumbs down - PLEASE CLICK THUMBS UP haha

    direct link:
  7. Today Is The Last Day To Vote!!!

    If you're bored please follow the link below...wait 10 seconds and the banner will come up at the bottom of the video then please give it a green thumbs up! And feel free to shoot down any haters while you're there...vent some anger to them...it'll be like free therapy!


    Happy 4th Everybody!
  8. Wow, that was some reaction! Really great magic here. Very visual. I wish I saw that one before, I would have defenitly vote for you man.
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    You still had my votes. Well done!
  10. The time has come and gone folks, like silky sand through our fingers.
  11. And if you need a good laugh, read the comments, they're pretty entertaining. :)
  12. Yes, I read some and it was indeed. I was able to "figure it out" too, but what other dont understand is magic is not about the trick, it's about the show and Dan can trully put a great show when doing magic. I better understand what Jason england mean by it's an art, not a trick.He does is own interpretation of the trick and incorporate it to his personnality. Really like it!.

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