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    I could see why he performed that trick because it goes along with his character he plays very well. It just wasn't entirely believable and I agree that sometimes it's the act that I appreciate more than just the trick, but only magicians would see that.

    Reason being is because experienced magicians already know how to perform many effects. When I went to see Kozak perform in AC, I knew how to do almost everything he performed(not trying to sound like a smart ass), but I still loved the act and his performance.
    Dan performing that trick is the same as a magician performing snowstorm in china or card manipulation. We know how to do it, but we still appreciate the performance of it.
    Most laymen don't know about that and just see magic as a way for the magician to "get you".

    Anyways, I'm still going to vote for Dan because I believe he has better material than that in store for us if we put him through. I like how he doesn't perform the tired old act of making a girl/tiger appear, and I think we need more magicians such as himself trying to make magic to fit their style instead of copying "what's in".

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  2. My wife is voting now...hope he moves on too. I know he will step it up next time!
  3. Sadly, I cant see Dan passing this round.


    Not really sure what to think of that act to be honest, it wasnt particularly a strong effect, and must agree with the first judge (Pier?) regarding pretty much every comment he made.

    Fingers crossed he scrapes through, as ive come to expect more for Sperry as he does some fantastic stuff.
  4. I'm sorry but the trick was horrible. The woman with the cart was an obvious misdirection, and you could tell right away that the arm was fake. Also as a performer, they say you should never turn your back to the audience. And what was with the talking. He had this beautiful character set up from last time. Silent, quirky, mysterious, and her ruined it by talking. He should have done his dove routine. The trick was utter crap and those on here who are trying to defend it, you know it was crap too. Sick by Sean Fields would have been a better stage trick than that. Especially if he had done it on a volunteers arm.
  5. I agree with your second sentence, but as an actor of eleven years, there are times when the performer turns his/her back to the audience. Unfortunately, it is usually to hide something from the audience or choreography (Dancing). The character change was unneeded and as I pointed out in the other thread made by Dodd (TheMagicNewswire) was a huge unneeded leap. However, the dove routine would not work here why? Because, it is just another manipulation act with birds to the judges and audience. Now then no need to insinuate what other's true opinion's are, I thought it was actually pretty good. I liked the addition of the arm bands, in the original a flap would swing over and hold the audience member's arm down. The effect was just asking to much from the audience is all.
  6. I like Dan Sperry, but last night's illusion was very weak. You could barely see anything. The robot woman was cool, but I think the entire illusion needs to be re-worked.

    The crapy host who speaks in ebonics made it blatantly obvious that he was part of the act before it even started as well.

    I also thought the other magician had a cool act, but the illusion was lacking. You had this huge contraption and a lot of time delays. A lot of space, time, and blocked views.
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    If he can make it through this week without getting cut I'm sure he'll bounce back with a vengeance. Mr. Sperry's got some awesome material and presentations, and a great character.

    I'm pulling for him as I think he's a good magician to have people watching in the mainstream. Win or lose, his exposure on the TV show is good for magic, as well as all of us.
  8. Hey guys,

    Honestly I think Dan did a great job effect wise, but the assistant sucked. This is why. That arm wasn't convincing. Workin with blacks everyday, black skin is very difficult to work with. Wayne Houchin's Stigmata just don't work well with a dark tone person, and as for X Finger and Titanas Twisting Finger, even worse. We look like idiots trying to perform it. Its also extremely difficult to find a suitable thumbtip for a black guy. This is not racial at all, this is real talk. I think Dan did exactly what he set out to do and freak people out. I've seen that effect before on youtube and It was done on a white person and was really great if you ask me. It was more convincing. Thats another issue for manufacturers there.

    As for Dan, he's gonna bounce back. I heard the tone of his voice when talking to Piers. He felt it and Dan's the type of person that will push the envelope. When you talk negative about him, he's gonna do something that will change your mind. He doesn't use the words to do it, but action. I am speaking from experience. A while back, I made a comment, nothing too bad, but Dan took up for his art and told me how he felt. Anyways, I think Dan will be back and in a big way. I personally think the Tongue Dance or his Dove works should be performed.

    But all in all, it was pretty good to me. We all have our opinions and I feel things went great stage wise.
  9. Dan got voted off,

    Sorry to see Dan.
  10. Umm. I'm also black and stigmata works great. On the other hand, I'm not too dark, I'm lightskinned :)
    I guess that's why there are some thumb tips I can get away with.
  11. Over to soon in my opinion.

    But Dan did great. He represented himself and magic well.

    Great job, Mr. Sperry!
  12. I can't say that I was all too impressed with the performance. The trick just wasn't up to par with some of the other things we've seen on the show. Remember Kevin James (it was him right?) who performed the incredible sawing in half? Now that would have been insane in Dan's hands!

    As far as the trick went, Dan didn't deserve to go through. Still sucks that he didn't though, would of liked to have seen what he would have performed next time.
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    I hate to point you guys to another site, but there is a lot more to the back story of the effect that Dan performed and some of the issues with it. You can find details at the Genii forums and at the Magic Cafe. I only suggest that you look here to get the details as it is easier to do so than to try and summarize it here. Hope that helps.
  14. Wow. The more I learn about this (from those sites and one other), the more impressed I am with the magnitude of AGT's bad decision making.

    For what it's worth, Dan had a very upbeat message to his fans on Twitter. I hope that optimism was genuine.
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    Thank you for the links Dodd, information is always appreciated ^^.


    Read the Genii Thread, it explains a lot and puts the final pieces to the puzzle in place.
  16. I wish he wouldn't have used a white rag to pick up the arm. He should have used a black rag! It would have blended with the arm better. I think they could have done a much better job with the prop making. The arm could have been much more convincing.
  17. I'm sorry, but that's just pure denial. Sperry screwed up what is essentially a "self-working" effect because he cut corners and tried to rush things when it came to the gimmick. The result being that he EXPOSED a $5,000.00 illusion that's been a potent mystery for at least four generations that I'm aware of (I used to have one of the original Thayer Arm Amputators as well as a second unit we modified for a puppet act).

    I wish those magicians that do TV work would at least get honest and stop chasing the limelight; if you don't have solid material that plays, that you KNOW better than the back of your hand DON'T DO TV! Put your ego up on a shelf and out of reach until you have worked your material so much that you can literally do it in your sleep. THEN you might be ready for prime time...

    There is absolutely no excuse for someone that has Dan's background to do such a shoddy job.
  18. As much as I hate to admit this...Craig is correct. Our IBM ring meeting was last night and Dan's performance was one of the topics that came up. Many of the veteran performers felt the exact same way.

    Nothing against Dan....I still love his work and material and will continue to watch him grow. I enjoy his character and style.
  19. Was it his best effect i'd would have love to see him do??? No. I personally love the tongue dance...my fav(no, it has to be shirtless), but the effect wasn't bad neither. I can guarantee you if that prosthetic limb was close to a real version of nick's true arm color, we would not have this conversation. period. People would be like, how did he get his arm back on. I've seen ton of performers do the arm saw.....it worked well. AGT is a big wave of hype, either you exceed expectations or not. In his case, the performance didn't exceed his version of saw. check his youtube of the one he did with the other person. Priceless.....

    @ Craig: Let's See....The Pendragon's, Dan Sperry, Kevin James, to name a few, all have gotten voted off. All good names. There's magic and people's expectations of magic. Hate it or not. People want Criss Angel when they have to settle for effects as they are actually performed(as in Dan's case). When you give them that, they are not willing to accept it. I'm not questioning you nor am I holding up for Dan. But I am asking is mainstream media killing magic?

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