Dangerous by d+M : Release Contest & Details

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  1. I...want this.

    D+m's material is amazing. His style is distinct. His ways are mesmerizing.

    Why wouldn't anyone get this? The more you know, the better you are.
  2. No, the better you can perform what you already know, the better.
    If you know 1000 card tricks but do not have the ability to correctly perform them, then what's the point?
    If you know three card tricks and can perform them just awesome then you are better off.
    Hope you get what I'm saying.

  3. Wow, that's deep. lol :p I think he was joking, though, or he wasn't entirely serious.


    Yeah, the price is quite impressive, I'll flip a coin to determine whether or not I should buy it. :D
  4. I was shocked to see the price of 50 dollars. I thought it would have been much more. Well not really.:)Although I have a question about the contest. When you said "11 random members" did you mean to say 11 random buyers.
    If you meant members then how would you know if the random 11 are actually members of this site.
  5. I'm pretty sure you have to be a member to buy.
  6. A young man once walked up to David Devant and said, "David, I know 300 card tricks... how many do you know?" To which David replied, "I know about 8."

    Point being it's not how many you know, but how you perform what you do know.
  7. I'm actually quite disappointed with the Motion DVD as alot of those flourishes are taught on Lethal. I'm going to pick up the Mystique DVD though.
  8. hello!!,
    How will know if we are the first 11 ? mail or what? or will it be a surprise?
  9. I think you misread. He said "11 random members who order within the first HOUR of release".

    Again it's not the first 11, it's 11 random within the first hour. Mr. Bayme said "Each Lethal disc has a signed Golden Nuggets playing card within". So from that I'm guessing you will know when you get it and see the card is in it.
  10. im pretty sure the list of effects and fourishes was for the PREVIEW

    no the entire thing
  11. Link is broken.

    Acrogers1: Yeah, I haven't invested in any magic/flourishing dvds, is that a lot of tricks/flourishing?

    Also, how much will one dvd disc cost? And if you buy one dvd disc instead of both will you still be entered in the contest?

    PS. I noticed there are now four news items on the front page.. used to be three. :)
  12. Just to clarify - the 11 random people who order in the first hour will be shipped the Lethal DVD (with signed card inside) separately from Dangerous - they're on the way to theory11.hq now. However, all winners will receive an email within 24 hours of the Dangerous release notifying them of their prize. If you get the email, you win.

    Yessir - we added that cool 1-on-1 widget on the main page, which gave us room to include four news posts there now. Much better.
  13. See below links to check out the cover art for both discs of the Dangerous project - Mystique & Motion...

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  14. sounds tight, ill wait for reviews on the flourishing dvd to see if ill pick it up, depends how well he explains stuff. i have enough magic stuff at the moment, so, ill only pick up the flourishing one unless the magic part gets like outrageosly great reviews or something
  15. One thing I dont believe was asked yet, do you have to order both dvds to qualify for the contest? or can you only order one? I am only interested in getting Motion, and am wondering about that
  16. The cover art looks awesome.

    By the way, will they be available for download, or dvd only? And if there is a download option, can they be purchased individually? It's a pretty complex setup, so I don't think anybody would expect more options than on dvd, but I'm just curious.
  17. Haha, now I feel better! :p
  18. Read J bayme's posts again.
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  20. It's friday over here, and yet no Dangerous. Damn time zones.

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