Dangerous or Smooth Operations?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by magic max, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. should I get dangerous: mystique, or smooth operations I am thinking about getting dangerous but I want to know which one is better.
  2. Well i'll say Dangerous. It will be the best choice
  3. I've heard that Smooth Operations is limited so if you're thinking of getting Smooth Operations further down the road the you will probably miss out. Your best bet is to get Smooth Operations now and get Dangerous later as it will always be here.

  4. dangerous has more stuff
  5. If you have any of Daniel Madisons stuff, get smooth operations.
  6. Actually it doesn't.
  7. I would get Smooth Operations. That is just me. Because, (please don't take this the wrong way) I never liked DM magic. I love his flourishes but not magic. Everytime he describes a trick it sounds awesome but the method is like ooooooook. It would say like a card FLIES OUT OF THE DECK!!! And, the card is IN YOUR POCKET!!!! When the method is: do a hot shot cut and palm a card to your pocket. He uses way to much palming for my liking and just meh. Since this is Kevin's first book, I can't say his is any better until I get it but from my experience, go with Smooth Operations. Sorry Daniel.
  8. it hardly depends on which style fits you more.

    Actually it is not possible to compare Dangerous and Smooth Operations and make a choice of what to prefer. Depends on which style you like and what you want.
  9. i want smooth operations
  10. It's actually his second book.;)
  11. Get Dangerous first.

    Save the best for last.

    -Kev, The Virts
  12. Word! Haha...I still need to put in my order for Smooth Operations.
  13. THat's it kevin :p
  14. Sorry but isn't this a little like saying that you don't like it because it isn't magical? I'm not trying to get at you but that does sound a little stupid to me.
  15. GET DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has one of the coolest tricks of all time plus they are easy. i got smooth operations and i wasnt too happy because it was kinda hard and the tricks did not suit my style of magic. dangerous was a dvd worth your time and none of the tricks are gimmicked. the tricks can be done anywhere. in parties, in the street or for some friends. these tricks will amze alot of people. angle zero, half vanish, bad influence, and herritage are the best!you WILL NOT REGRET GETTING DANGEROUS!

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