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  1. I've been thinking about taking my card magic to the "next level" and I've been thinking about getting either dangerous or the trilogy. So my question is, what effects/flourishes do you find get the best reactions and are the most practical. I don't mind it being difficult, I'm actually hoping either one of these dvds will last a while. But take price as a factor. If the trilogy is that much better than dangerous for the extra 25 bucks I'd like to know.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I have already used the search button and have not found what I was looking for.
  2. I don't have Dangerous by Madison, however I've heard that it contains GREAT effects that you can do for real people. The effects on the Trilogy are (in my opinion) trying to be magician foolers. The only trick I actually do for real people would be card to mouth. It's given me the best reactions so far. I don't really like the trilogy tricks, just because they tend to be overcomplicated and sleight heavy. When I'm out performing I like the tricks that hit hard but let me focus on my presentation. With that said, I'd go with Dangerous.

  3. Without a doubt, Dangerous.
  4. Dangerous and the Trilogy are completely different things. You'd have to do some research into each one. Dan and Dave have a completely different style than Daniel Madison, and the material on the Trilogy is completely different from that on Dangerous, both in difficulty and variety. As to which effects are more practical for performance, definitely go for Dangerous. The tricks on the Tricks disc of The Trilogy are not going to take your magic to the next level. The Dangerous tricks are great for performance and hit hard, as most of d+M's stuff does.

    On the flourishes side, it's really a matter of preference and how much practice you're willing to put in. I myself enjoy the selection of flourishes in Dangerous much more, simply because I am a fan of Madison's style. In my personal opinion, the most worthwhile thing from The Trilogy is Everything Else, as it contains many classic flourishes, sleights, and some nice variety.

    After reading this overcomplicated answer I would buy Dangerous and Everything Else (from The Trilogy), but if you don't have the money then just go with Dangerous. ;) <-------- wink face

    Hope this helps,

  5. I agree. You should definitely pick Madison's material. His effects are better designed for laymen and are much more hard hitting and I believe half as knacky as D&D. It's kinda difficult to find D&D effects that hit hard with laymen as much as they do with magicians. So hands down d+M.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to go with dangerous and maybe everything else if I have enough money.
  7. Dangerous, no question about that.
  8. The Trilogy is perfect if you are more orientated in specialising in flourishing. But Dangerous is what you want if you are looking for a balance between magic and flourishing for a good price.

    I'd say both will last you the same amount of time.
  9. I recieved DANGEROUS a long time ago, around the release date acctually, and I still to this day refer back to it wen i need a new trick. all the tricks are great and usefull. i liked trilogy too, but i dont use the tricks in it as much.
  10. The Trilogy's ok if you want to film yourself in front of a computer webcam all day. Dangerous is better if you actually want to perform stuff, but I'd call both options mainly flourishing dvds.
  11. Rather than getting Dangerous or Trilogy, I'd get this:
    Dangerous - Disc 1 AND 2
    Everythingelse (from the trilogy)

    As mentioned above, I have found that d+M's effects that were taught were a lot harder to see through for laymen. I happen to know 1-2 hecklers that always try and give away my tricks when I'm performing before school starts, and everything on Dangerous fooled them. For my audience, it goes a long way. That isn't to say Trilogy's effects don't, but Dangerous' effects = easier and harder hitting.

    As for flourishes, I find them both to be about the same difficulty. If you end up getting Trilogy, I'd look into Dangerous when you've mastered it. Or vice versa.

    I would recommend dangerous first though.
  12. Sorry for the double post, but I just realized you were intending to get what I had originally suggested.

    Great minds think alike, eh?
  13. Maybe so, but foolish ones do too. No reflection on you guys.
  14. Bummer Man, he delivers.
  15. Hmmmmmm........... Here's a thought: maybe it's because i suggested it to him before that. ;) ;)

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