De'vo is evil...?

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  1. Agreeable

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  2. Allow me to expound on what Cyril brought up.

    Four years ago, I watched a documentary about the Holocaust called Night and Fog. There were photographs and archival footage of concentration camp prisoners working slave labor to create goods for the German war machine. Men were snuffed out in gas chambers their fathers were forced to build. Bodies, so starved as to be barely recognizable as human, were pushed with bulldozers into mass graves by the dozen. Those no longer capable of working were executed. Or worse, they were sent to the camp hospital and experimented on, used as human guinea pigs. The experience left me cold and crying like a baby. It was the most explicit vision of evil I had ever seen in my life.

    And I'm to believe that the same label should be applied to De'vo because he acts like a tool? **** you all.

  3. *Bends over*

    But I completely agree with this post, that is basically my opinion of this devo thing. Well that and a fifty cal desert eagle being fired at a watermelon, Watermelon representing how much I don't care about anything Devo related.
  4. De'vo is the grim reaper and is single handedly responsible for all the miseries in the world. Its his fault that I ordered Heinekens and got Budweisers, its his fault that bush was elected, its his fault that houston rockets are ****en sucking, its his fault yao ming keeps on getting injured, its his fault tmac quit on the team. i

  5. And it is his fault that David Blaine's Dive of Death Failed :D

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