De'vo is evil...?

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  2. uhm.. if any of the T11 artist is reading this.. may i know what grudge is Armond talking about ?? He did mentioned jonathan bayme, andrei jikh & D&D..
  3. I literally always knew he was evil.
    Well maybe not evil, but I never got a good vibe from him. Either way, I've never liked him one bit. :)
  4. May be he is evil.... but....COBRA CUT IS AWESOME!!!!
    I don't give a s*** who is's not my war.
  5. Could we possibly keep the De'vo Drama in the cardistry section? Instead of creating another thread that goes over the same crap that others before it has done before.
    Here is a better idea, they created something called twitter. It is a place where you can tell the entire world whatever it is on your mind. Create a Cardistry devo haten community and update that group with more useless information and evidence that Devo is not a well rounded man.


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    The only thing I really know about De'vo is an exchange I had with him online a few years ago.

    He was basically saying everyone should handle cards smoothly and with grace like a professional, and should be able to demonstrate that they have more skill with a deck of cards than the spectators. I disagreed and said I didn't think everyone should look like a ninja when they picked up a deck of cards because it depended on their character. He responded with something like, "Yeah, if your character is someone who is an amateur and doesn't know anything more about a deck of cards than his spectators do." I replied asking him if he thought magicians like Lennart Green and Richard Osterlind were bad magicians, or if he thought they came across to their audiences as unprofessional or ineffective with what they did. For whatever reason he did not respond.

    I really like to discuss topics with people that hold different views, because it helps you grow--whether you end up more firmly rooted in your own beliefs, or leaning more toward the other person's, challenging your own ideas is the only way to expand them. But De'vo, from what I've seen, does seem to be a bit narrowminded and self-interested. I'm not saying he's a bad guy--because I've never met him--and I think he's extremely talented at what he does. He's just always rubbed me the wrong way.

    Perhaps in person I'd hit it off with him, and I don't want to slam the guy based on one article because I don't know much more behind the story than what was written in the article. But I do know that, for whatever reason, David Meyer--I mean "De'vo "--has a bad reputation among quite a few people.

    [​IMG] :)
  9. Hey hong, De'vo has one very bad habit, he becomes very angry with anyone using the term cardistry and this only makes people more determined to use the term cardistry. He has enemity with D&D, Andrei, JB, .The Cuso, and many mre guys.

    Apparently, he forced arnold to publish some offensive material against JB and T11 calling JB "a kid" and calling T11 artist betrayers of Ellusionist.

    Arnold faced threats from magicans but still he published the article just to please de'vo but de'vo still was disrespectful to him and so arnold got dishearted and left handlordz

    and then they both lived happily ever after;)
  10. yes De'vo is the most evil person alive! i cant beilive it , how evil he is!!!
    what kind of question is that?
    hes a human, and has emotions. he just wants his way. like everyone. some just take it farther than others.

  11. ooh.. so that's what happened.. Thanks for the info man..
  12. I never really looked into De'vo too much, from what I heard turned me away from him right off the bat. Though from what I have heard he is an interesting charactor, not in a good way. I have always stayed away from De'vo and HL and will continue to do so
  13. If you like them, just learn his moves and ignore the politics. Why limit yourself by joining in on the bashing and trash talk?

    Pleasure doing business,

    - JCG
  14. I joined his community and got banned in 1 hour.
    I said that David Beyer sucked in a Private Message to him.

  15. Wow... That would definitely do the trick... But I personally don't care about De'Vo, I have his De'ring and I don't like it but whatever. He sounds like a jerk though.
  16. Is That A Real Picture Of Devo
  17. Yes it is
    [word count]
  18. I just done a experiment lol i mad 3 email adresses made 3 handlordz accounts
    My First One Which
    1Was oooo191 I Got Banned For Saying Dan And Dave And Devo Ar Simialir Lol
    2 I mad my own version of viverick (i think thats how u spell it) and he banned me

    3 i said why isnt handlordz and the other websites connected and he got really defensive Lol God hes A Drama Queen Lol I Was Wettin my self on how bad he is
  19. Dude, you are spending too much time on de'vo, I could almost say you have a crush on him.
  20. Calling him "evil" just sounds childish.

    What the nazi's did during WWII is "evil"
    devo is just... a pest?

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