Do Magic Tricks Work in Picking Up Girls?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Synth_Infusion, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. That's two excellent ways my good sir!
  2. Reminds me of the TriC's convention in Charlotte, Eric Jones wanted to come up with an effect that used a blindfold or silk and take out a medicine vile and kind of dab it, just to use the line
    "Excuse me, does this smell like chloroform to you?"

    I figure any effect that involves blindfolding a spectator would be great...

    As for the video showing magic picking up women.

    I'll say this, influencing people is something I've always excelled at. It's something I relate to and can apply easily in most situations. I'm a decent salesman, great at making friends, and it helps in my magic.

    Anyone can learn these techniques and there are two ways to use them. Salesmen use them to make profit, as I make them to create social bonds. Some people want to use them for a darker purpose, to pick up women for reasons other than friendship/actual relationship.
    This is the difference between getting a free beer at the bar and basically using knowledge to seduce/take advantage of women.

    I don't condone treating women as objects used solely for your pleasure. If you want to make good friends/find a girl to have a relationship with, by all means use your knowledge to get your foot into the door and create the spark. But if all you want is sex, don't go around doing magic to get it, it'll forever put a black spot on magicians in that girls mind.
  3. I can't believe i am contributing to this haha

    But what I usually will do is if i want to talk to some girl but can't quite seem to find an angle then i'll perform for the group next to her. Then pull her into the small set then talk to her after.

    Just my technique... worked a few times.
  4. Well the point of this thread is if magic can help you get girls, not if its ethical. Thanks for getting on your high-horse though. *Feeds Visual's high-horse a carrot*.
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    Says the guy who talked about selling themselves short in the first place.Good job.
    And what I had said in that quote has nothing to do about it being ethical.
  6. ...and me telling people to give themselves and their craft more credit is high-horsing because...?

    Its coming from a place of "You guys are greater than you give yourselves credit for" so I don't see where you are getting that.

    Also, you're talking about why you don't do something. Thats kind of the textbook definition of discussing ethics. Thats really just semantics though and is more off topic than talking about the ethics of using magic to pick up girls lol.

    You do actually think it does help with girls though yes?
  7. Oh my goodness. This thread is getting a bit ridiculous boys. You're splitting hairs!

    If you want to "pick up a girl" (which is a term I dislike) then go talk to her. End of story. If all you can do is a magic trick to get her attention, how are you going to keep her attention later on?
    Kinda like performing.. you just have to do it. :] last time i'm even looking at this thread, haha.
  8. I like how you ask a question then vow never to come back to get the answer :) Just in case, I never said magic is ALL you do. I stated clearly in my first post some practical applications of magic in pick up. I agree with your "go talk to her" approach but what I'm saying is during the convo, if you know magic, why not drop something every now and then to keep things interesting?
    You guys all go out and perform for every other shlub on the street but when it comes to a girl you think is cute all the sudden you keep it to yourself? Why?
  9. Wanna get girls?
    This is what you need:

    -Sense of humor ("sense" being the key word)
    -Looks (not crucial, but important)

    If you can incorporate and all that into a magic trick (magic is original in the first place, so...), than you can use magic to get chicas.

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