Drunk XCM?

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  1. Is it possible to perform XCM in drunk condition? Maybe at home, bar or club. I'm just wondering that we should show some moves, just do the moves or not at all. You might drop some cards if you performing XCM when drunk. How about you guys?
  2. I dont know about you guys, but I do better magic when I drunk.
  3. I drop cards constantly when I've had a few.
  4. yah...its weird....i throw up like 6 packets of cards when i have had a few...i think i have an addiction
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    Drunk flourishing is usually fine, not performing it though. Although last friday several tallies and some San miguel got mixed up, they feel all funny now :p

    Generally don't take cards out if I'm having a heavy night though, magic while drunk would not be fun. Not the right atmosphere either. Chilling in a bar or quiet pub is fun, one time I showed a few tricks and one guy went through the pack vigorously, checking they weren't 'trick cards'. Suffice to say that deck came out in bad condition...
  6. I don't think performing anything (magic or otherwise) is advisable while drunk.

    I think it's bad form and ill advised.
  7. Hahahahaha I never tryed that, but if the rest of the people are drunk too they will not care for some cards in the floor... :D

    (sorry for my crappy inglish I am a Brazilian)
  8. Sounds kinda sketchy.


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  9. dont flourish when drunk. you'll end up like
  10. once i performed when i was drunk xD
    it was funny...but everything worked out! There was one girl (also drunk) and she goes: :eek::eek::eek: (what the F*** is going on here?!)

    So i guess its best to adapt your audiences conditions ;)

  11. At least you had a good beer to go with it!
  12. have you guys seen jackie chan drunken master. if you drink you can actually do XCM better the trick is that you have to drink ENOUGH.
  13. your not any better when drunk if any thing your worse you just think your doing really good even though you are sucking at it
  14. Drunk XCM

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  15. Wrong forum. ;)
  16. vincentdark is the proof that you can do flourishes smoothly while you drunk :D

  17. YES!!! Haha... But drinking too much causes Jacky Chan to fall asleep...

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