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  1. Quality over quantity
  2. Personally, I think a thread dedicated to saying which store we like better just adds to the "fanboyism," and it makes me want to put a torch to my lap top so I don't have to read garbage like this. (Obvious exaggeration, but you get the point.)

    I enjoy E's cards, and I enjoy T11's cards. Would I use them for performing? No. These cards are too expensive for me to use in performance. I may use them to practice for some eye candy, for Cardistry, or just for my collection.

    As for comparing the amount of magic from each site, E obviously has more. Of course, E has been around for a few more years than T11. T11 has only been around for a little more than two years. It's not even that old. Not only that, but E has been selling some productions from different magic companies. They have some stuff from Papercrane, De'vo, and a few other companies.

    Final Verdict - Who really cares? I get what I like. I have no preference. If E comes out with something insanely awesome, I'll get it. If T11 comes out with something insanely awesome, I'll get it. I really couldn't care less. I'm not a fanboy. I'm not going to only buy things from T11. If you are a fanboy in magic, you need to get a life. Very simple. Unless you have a personal reason (such as maybe bad customer service), there is no reason to say "I support T11 more than Ellusionist!" unless you are just a whiny fanboy who needs to get some friends, and stop taking magic companies so seriously. Seriously, you're on a magic forum. You don't even know the people who are making these projects personally. You only know them by what you see of them on their website. I almost crack up whenever I see someone make fun of Brad Christian on this site, because he's better than 90% of the people here, yet all I see is comments about him wearing eyeliner in one of his DVD's. Yup, you got him bad.



  3. Just shut up about the whole "You can say ones better then the other, because they both have good and bad products..." yadadadadadadad

    Just say which one you like better and leave it at that. Thats all.

  4. well I´ll say it with this...

    I got my instruments from Ellusionist (Cards, Gimmicks, Refills like loops,props)

    and my knowledge from Theory11 this includes the 1 on 1 and the tricks and the forums...

    I really don´t have a favorite, but I know where to get what from which site.
  5. How about this, start off with E. They have more of a beginner selection stuff, and T11 is dedicated to taking the more advanced effects and working with them.

    I would have said T11 is the best place to start if they had not removed the beginner stuff from Fisher and them. Ellusionist has very few products that are single products that are very practical or even worth it.
  6. No offense
    don't you think its better for everyone to zip your mouths and just practice ?
  7. Great customer support

    Personally, I have found Theory 11 to have by far the best customer service I've ever come across. I remember when I made my first couple of purchases, I was having trouble with downloading . It would start to download and then have corruptions which prevented me from downloading any further. Then when I clicked download again, it was locked, so I wrote an email to customer support. Now all of this happened on the weekend, yet I received a reply within 15-20mins and they did everything in their power to help me download the products correctly.

    Now if this happened with another website, which it has, it took about 3 days to get a response, and when they said they fixed it, guess what? It still wasn't working!

    So all and all, I feel at ease knowing that if something goes wrong for whatever reason, I know that the people at Theory 11 are there for you to help in anyway they can.

    Keep up the good work Theory 11 and I'll stay a loyal customer for life :D

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