"Every entertainer has a night when everything..."

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  1. Pg. 139 out of Steve Martin's Born Standing Up

    " Every entertainer has a night when everything is clicking. These nights are accidental and statistical: Like lucky cards in poker, you can count on them occurring over time. What was hard was to be good, consistently good, night after night, no matter what the abominable circumstances. Performing in so many varied situations made every predicament manageable."

    There is a lot of truth to this quote out of Steve's book. How many of you have read it? What do you think about this quote?

    If you haven't read it yet, it is a quick read about the life of comic Steve Martin. You'll find out things were not so good for him. It talks about his nonexistent bond with his father, selling guide books at Disneyland, working the magic shop at Disney and failing time after time while trying to make it big on the road.
  2. Fantastic book, one of my fave autobiographies, and the only one I currently own
  3. I'd love to read that. I really enjoy his books and scripts.
  4. Justin, before you buy it check with your local library. Mine had it so I didn't have to go buy it. The librarian laughed when I called on the phone though because she said it hadn't been checked out in 4 years....ha ha. It is probably just a book that entertainers or fans of Steve Martin check out. Nonetheless it is a great read on how hard his life was to get to where he is now. Definitely check it out.

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