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    This is more of a site review and less a product review.

    I had placed an order with ExoMagic (http://www.exomagic.net) recently and made an error. When I emailed, Alex (CEO of the company) emailed me within the hour and said he would correct my order. This was on a Saturday before the Memorial Day weekend. We exchanged a couple of emails and each time he responded within a couple of hours.

    When Tuesday arrived I received a notice that my order was shipped. Today (Thursday) everything arrived at my doorstep. Not only was Alex professional, prompt and friendly, but his store carries some new and unique items.

    I highly recommend that everyone look through his site and see what he has to offer. You won't be disappointed in his products or his services.
  2. I just made an order too and I got some rare decks and other bits and bobs :) thanks for directing me they are a fantastic site and great prices :)
  3. Hello b_08,

    Thank you for the positive review, always brings a smile to my face when I see happy customers.

    J+S, thank you for your order!

    For future orders, you guys can use a coupon code "EVOLVE" and save 5% off your entire order.

    Take it easy guys,
  4. I've met alot of great friends at exo magic.

    the community is why i'm there often. i dont buy magic too often, and i only spend so much a month, so shipping can be a real ***********************************************************************so i typically shop at penguin for the shipping, but when i start making serious money doing whatever, exo will be my place. i've already seen that they have a great selection, i just hate paying shipping. someday though. exo's got my money.

    the community is one of the best, all great people over there, and theres always somebody on tiny chat.
  5. Thought i'd add another compliment here. I have ordered from exomagic once before when they were the last to stock S & M V4's and was very pleased with the postage (which was from US to UK) which was extremely fast.

    Just ordered some Split Spades yesterday and im sure i shall get equally great customer service.

    P.S. I am also very pleased with Theory11's overseas postage speed, they are very good too.
  6. Glad you guys were pleased with Exo's services. I've ordered twice from them myself, and Alex sure does go the extra mile to ensure the customer is satisfied. I'm glad to hear your experiences have been positive ones, I know mine have! ;)
  7. I heard about this site through thecuso. They ship quick too which I think everyone can agree that's a huge plus. They carry so much inventory and keep their site updated as well.
  8. EXOMAGIC is freaking amazing. after talking with Alex Hess ceo/founder/sponge-monster, he worked out a freaking awesome deal for me for the 2-8 volumes of Allan Ackermans advanced card control series. for less than half the msrp. which is awesome. i sincerely suggest you give them a try. Exomagic tries really really hard to be a great store. they've more than earned my business.
  9. Agreed---I order a product that was sold out. Alex emailed me, apologized and told me where I could find it. Great site.
  10. Just wanted to add that i recieved the three decks of split spade i ordered four days ago, and for overseas postage (USA - UK) at only $8 postage charge, the speed of delivery was fantastic. I can't praise these guys enough, buy from them!
  11. Alex ( owner of exomagic ) really does do anything he can to make his customers happy. They have a great community, awesome chat room, great deals, and amazing customer service.

    Thank you for listening and I hope you go an check it out, as I do believe they deserve it.
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    Hey guys,

    My name is Sam Hindrichs. I work over at ExoMagic and I can't tell you how happy it makes us to see a thread like this on the Theory11 forums. You wouldn't believe the hard work all of the guys at ExoMagic have been putting into the forums, the store, the newsletter, the blog, the youtube and even the tinychat just so you guys have somewhere to be magicians. We love getting feedback like this from customers and forum members.

    I am very pleased to see all of the good words from you guys and I have to say thank you from everyone of us at ExoMagic. I hope to hear more good words from you guys.

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