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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by jimbowmanjr, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Dude would you please stop talking for others?
    And yeah.. until now I guess we all know your posting history when it comes to CIB/CTB effects.
    This is basicly your "routine". Asking questions in order to slowly but surely expose another CIB/CTB. I saw you exposing other CIB in some comments on youtube. What exactly are you trying to do andy? What?
    Infact I wonder when exactly you will come the point when you present "Oh.. btw I invented a CIB as well. Here is the demo video".

    So please stop acting like the innocent victim here. I think you are perfectly aware of why your appearence in a CIB/CTB thread isn't a pleasent thing for some members.
  2. Please do, as I have no interest in trying to convince you otherwise. I would rather you just stick with what you have instead of drawing this out into another debate where you end up getting the thread locked because of your repetitive comments. The review contains as much information as I can possibly give without revealing methods. If that isn't enough for you then I am sorry but that was the best I could do to give you as much information as possible about the contents.

    Between this review and the product page you have that information. Have a nice day.


    That is a very serious accusation!! I never did that!! Quote me the comments!

    That won't happened. But you are the one that is talking about my CTB now.

    Don't worry, this thread will be on Factory Sealed & Factory Sealed alone.

    I'll ask the mods to delete your thread and my reply. :)

    And for the LAST TIME I hope this thread can focus more on Factory Sealed, and not on me.
    Once you start focusing on me, this thread would be destroyed. At least that what happened to other threads.

    Please stay on topic, unless you want this thread to be closed then go ahead and make more personal attacks.

    Mods, please delete both Ray's post and this post. Thank you.

    Let's go back to topic shall we?
  4. Andy, I have told you before, Impervious is the name of the dvd, Octular Perception and Untouchable are the names of the effects. Chris does his surrounded and I do mine surrounded(really comes down to experience and spectator control, so I can see why you would not do it Andy), so I do not know were you got your info from? Do you even own Impervious? Oh and I also purchased Factory Sealed and Bullet, and no Andy, I too will not answer your questions. You must buy it like I did to find out, or try reading the product page buddy.
  5. You started this whole crap by pointing out what can't be accomplished in Bullet/FC. That is what always happens, than you blame other people for starting stuff with you. I can't wait until all the CIB talk is over just so we won't have to deal with YOU since all you ever post on are CIB threads and asking precise details. It's a good effect, its enjoyable to watch, its well worth the money, you will do this effect and the spectators will love it. Thats all you need to know, don't need to compare it to your CIB like FC is not truly FC. Thanks, bye.
  6. Jim did an excellent review. It's probably one of the best reviews I've ever seen, and you, AndyAce, are complaining about the effect and asking for more questions. Do us all a favor and go away. You just cause trouble. Always. Every. Time.
  7. Don't worry, I won't repeat the questions again.

    It just that I'm surprised that by asking those questions, it will "reveal" the method. Those questions has got nothing to do with methods. They are questions about the visualness, how practical the effect is, and how impromptu can it be.

    Thanks, but I find some of the information to be misleading.

    I have read other reviews on the Magic Cafe. The reviews are less bias, and answered most of my questions.

    And by reading those reviews, I can understand why you refused to answer the question. It is not really about "reverse engineering". It is because the questions might show people the things that Factory Sealed cannot accomplish.

    Please understand that there are no such thing as the perfect CTB. There is nothing wrong with admitting that some things cannot be done with this CTB. Jim, your review would be better if they are more honest and open like some of the other reviews I read on the Cafe. (no offence)

    Have a nice day.
  8. Jim is the only person to review Factory Sealed on the Cafe. Its the same exact review too. Don't you feel brilliant? And Jim is honest, he's not just going over nuisance like you are. You are a pathetic person
  9. Sorry, I thought your effect is no longer in Impervious? I might be wrong.

    Ok, when I mentioned Impervious previously, I was talking about Chris's Octular Perception.

    Plus I did not said that Impervios cannot be performed surrounded. I think you misread my post. I was saying you cannot show the coin and bottle as 2 seperate object right before the penetration. I got that from Jim's review on the Magic Cafe.

    FC? I don't think both Factory Sealed and my effect uses any FCs.
  10. I think you need to read again. There are other reviews.

    Here's some of the reviews.

    First of all, I'm not pathetic. My life is great! I just finished my project presentation today and it is... wait I'm going off topic too. -_-

    Second, I think this is the wrong place to post this. You might want to start a "AndyAce" review thread and post your opinions there. (that is if the mods can tolerate such a thread)
  11. Andy if you find something in my review that is untrue by all means please say so. Misleading? Sorry but everything I said in my review is a fact. If you want further information you will need to buy it just like everyone else.

    I gave my honest opinion on what I saw and know to be true regarding Nick's multiple presentations. Everyone has opinions and I gave mine sorry you don't agree with it.

  12. Ok, I'll point out why I think it is misleading. You are presenting facts but in a way that I thought might be misleading.

    The above is quoted from your review.

    Yes, what you said it true, but people might interprete it as "You can borrow a bottle from your friend, do the 3 seconds prep in front of them and perform the effect."

    Can that be done? If you think that will "expose" the method, you can choose not to answer the question.;)

    And from another review, one guy mentioned the set up time is 10 to 15 seconds.

    This is from your review.

    Can they examine the Factory Sealed bottle (with the seal claerly intact) in all of the versions?

    From other reviews, I see that it cannot be done.

    There are other points that seems misleading to me, but I guess I'll stop here. Please don't react negatively to this. That is just my opinion of your review. (No offence really)

  13. Andy,

    Yes you can borrow the bottle but it isn't taught, but like I said it should be readily apparent how to peform this version. My time frame is accurate but this isn't a speed drill when you are performing Nick's routines. Everything is and should be done slowly to allow every magical moment to sink in, again my opinion.

    You CAN, give a clear display that the bottle is empty. This is taught on the video. The handlings also go over how to make this as open as humanly possible to really nail it home for the spectator that what they just saw was impossible.

    No offense taken Andy. If I take offense I just don't reply. Hopefully this helps to clear up some of my comments. I want to be as clear as I possibly can without revealing anything or allowing for any reverse engineering to be done here. Cheers.

  14. Thanks.

    So I guess if you answer a "Yes or No" to this question it will lead to exposure?

    Sorry I don't know that it would lead to exposure. Other people are asking the same thing. Don't worry if it will lead to exposure, don't answer it.
  15. Andy, what do you want from this? wait don't reply. I really just don't want to see anymore posts from you. This happened just a few days ago and it was closed because of you alone. Just stop and go outside. If you don't like it don't buy it. All you have accomplished is pissing everyone here off ok? So I'm asking as nicely as I can... will you please let it go and stop posting about this like this? please? let others discuss without jumping on and replying over every statement made? (before you leap on that, i do realize that you did not repost ever line... its exaggeration albeit not much of a stretch.) DO NOT REPLY TO THIS ANDY
  16. Yes you did and I will quote you, you said "The surrounded version has the same weakness as impervious." Also you did not answer my other question, Do you own Impervious?
  17. I'm not replying this to anyone, but rather I'm posting this to save this thread from closing.

    If anyone here starts focusing on ME instead of Factory Sealed, THEY will get this thread closed. Please stay on topic.

    Don't worry I'm not going to ask anymore questions about Factory Sealed.

    From the reviews on the Cafe and the demo video on E, I already decided NOT to buy it.

    The penetration is not visual at all. The whole coin is covered during the penetration. The whole point of penetration is fully covered and you cannot see anything. The penetration is an important factor in CTB effects, but the penetration in Factory Sealed is not visual at all.

    Plus Factory Sealed is not factory sealed. You cannot let the audience look at the seal and break the seal.

    And the price is too high for me.

    This may very well be my last post on this thread, unless someone start posting off topic comments about me again or have questions to ask me.

    Have a nice day.
  18. Ok, I think you really misread it.

    I mean the "Surrounded Version of Factory Sealed" has the same weakness as "Chris CTB in Impervious". I'm not saying Impervious cannot be done surrounded.

    No, I don't own it. But other people who owned it point out the weakness.
    I got the weakness of Chris CTB in Impervious from Jim's review of Impervious in the Magic Cafe.
  19. The week we filmed these 2 cibs I stopped at a gas station in california and was about to pay for gas when I saw the entire gas crew standing by the register. I thought ok..I have perfromed this on the street for over 7 days now I have seen the reaction of just walking up to people..now lets really put this thing to the test. I went up and asked if someone had a coin on them. and then asked another person if they would get me a bottle of water from the fridge. In front of everyone I "set-up" factory Sealed and perfromed it to a jaw-dropping crowd. I know of no other cib that does that.

    Justin N. Miller
  20. Thanks Justin for the input on the effect. I think his comemnts alone should be able to answer many of questions about Factory Sealed.
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