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  1. Yes, I can see the thoughts in your head: C'mon Jim, this came out a little over 7 hours ago. How genuine can this review be? I am giving you what I have known and what I have seen in this Factory Sealed release. I am giving you exactly what I saw and learned here. I am giving you the indisputable facts surrounding this release.

    The obvious question is this: how do you know how this will play in the real world? Well unless you think every single person in the DVD/Download was a paid actor or part of some giant conspiracy theory you are seeing the real world reactions first hand. This will be fully road tested and I guarantee you that this is something I will perform until they put me in the ground.

    Factory Sealed By Nick Verna (Produced by Ellusionist)



    A visual feast of an absorption/infusion effect where the coin is really borrowed (even really handed to the performer by the spectator) pressed against the walls of an UNOPENED bottle (physically contacting it) before it is seen to SLOWLY, VISUALLY, and OPENLY MELT through the solid material, through the liquid, and right into the crystal clear, full Bottle of Factory Sealed water, at the very point of impact... right at your fingertips, trapping the coin inside...all while the bottle (clear container, clear liquid, no label) need not even be moved.

    It can even be done while the spectator holds the bottle with no leaks whatsoever.....And amongst all things end spanking CLEAN!

    This is Nick Verna's Genius Effect...streamlined by Ellusionist for complete workability to be able to easily perform just about anywhere/anytime.

    Several clever methods involving the 'real work.'

    The Inner Workings are nothing less than the work of a Pure Genius.
    So many incredible Ins & Outs carefully explained that allow this illusion to work effectively time and again.
    Just Brilliant! I can clearly see now why this piece of magic sits on miraculous status.

    Amazing Subtleties and superb Handlings that will knock you right out.
    Killer Principles incorporated to absolute perfection.
    Sweet Enhancements with some special touches that give it that little extra something to deliver a truly convincing spectacle.

    Alternate Variations and killer ideas. Perform it with the bottle at 90 degrees, 45 degrees, even Zero degrees for an entire crowd. You'll see the tons of Routine possibilities and different directions you can go with this baby.
    A mountain full of Presentation and Performance tips along with a chapter on EffectiveTechnique Tips to 'fine tune' your executions. Plus, many other additional Helpful Hints to aid you on your journey.

    If you THINK you know, you don't know.


    Here are some other cool FAQ's ...

    Can you borrow the coin - Yes you can use all kinds of coins. Very versatile. The thicker the coin, the more intriguing.
    You will see performances where spectators GIVE the performer the coin. (Actually give their coin...ie. nickel)

    Can you borrow the Bottle - Yes, the bottle can be borrowed from a fridge or vending machine even and you'll be ready to go in seconds. No need to do any home prep work. It is not taught how to do this but once you have the groundwork down it will probably take you about 3 seconds to figure out how to do this yourself.

    Is it necessary for the coin to be marked or initialed? - No. The point of this effect is the beauty of the visual penetration.

    Can this be performed point blank right in front of your spectator's eyes? - Yes.

    Can the bottle be displayed surrounded? - Yes

    Can the melting effect be performed surrounded? - Yes.

    Can the penetration take place in the dead center of the bottle when performing it surrounded?
    - Yes.

    Is the factory sealed container clear? - Yes, completely.

    Can the label be removed?
    - Yes.

    Do the spectators actually SEE the penetration occur? - Yes, the slower the miracle is performed, the better.

    Can the spectators grab/snatch the bottle immediately after the penetration occurs? Yes

    Can the spectators hold the bottle as the penetration occurs? - Yes, it is demonstrated and recommended to generate a truly astonishing experience for your audience.

    Factory Sealed - A snap, crackle, pop each and every time, anyplace, anywhere, anytime, all the time.

    Is everything immediately examinable after the miracle occurs?
    - Yes. Completely.

    Are gimmicks necessary? - NO! The effect in relation to its practicality is in perfect equilibrium. An absolute dream effect.

    Can be performed IMPROMPTU, right on the spot with just a few seconds of getting into frame...That's it!...SECONDS and you will be ready to go. You can also easily go down the street, to a bar or pub (or even party) and wow a completely different crowd without having anything on you.

    The effect is SO VISUAL and CONVINCING you won't even need to carry any permanent markers on you to have the coin marked/signed for identification. For those who really want to venture out that route, with some built in routine work, you can easily apply any desired worker's variations such as: Signed Coin, Big Coin, Wet Coin, presentations. Even Nick's Signature Souvenir Ending...No problem. Any worker interested in investing the extra effort has the luxury to do so. The groundwork taught is so strong, you will see for yourself.

    Cost - Very generously priced. An effect as strong as this AND as practical is well worth the asking price. Could have easily been sold for more. Very good price and so well worth every penny.

    Difficulty Level
    - Amazingly easy to execute. With presentation ideas, it actually is fun. Nothing uncomfortable to arrive at A+ performances that you can pretty much do On-the-Spot. This is one of the few routines that is actually fun to practice and work on out there today.

    Teaching - Excellent. Magic lessons galore. E's classic razor sharp instructions, taught professionally. The cream of the crop material is broken down and the basics are taught step-by-step with detail. Clear and concise which makes this miracle easy to learn and add to your own repertoire.

    Live Performances- Yes, Plenty of them with strong reactions. Even a special chapter with EXTRA performances. The live performances are stunning to say the least. The GENUINE reactions you can see in the faces of these spectators speaks volumes about the impact of this effect.

    Production - Superb Production on High Quality DVD with multi camera angles and excellent audio.

    DVD/Download Set Up- Excellent. When you are all finished watching the entire DVD/Download and done absorbing all the terrific material it contains, you'll find it easy to navigate back to your favorite selected areas of interest with absolute ease. The layout is top notch.

    Overall Rating - This is a clear 10 with FIVE STARS in front of it. Or should I say 9.9 just to reserve for 'real magic,' if anyone ever can prove they really have such powers. For me, this is as close as it gets.

    Audience reactions are EVERYTHING! Factory Sealed has it...hands down!

    Nothing like the Genuine Article!
    Just look at Nick V. himself perform at the beginning of the trailer.
    And, that's just ONE way to express this mesmerizing, magic universe rocking, made history of an effect.

    Practice and you too can hit these celestial levels that have been proven time and time again to without a doubt win the crowd over.

    Factory Sealed - Two thumbs UP!

    Congratulations Nick on a stellar release and graciously offering this rare treat to all of us. Anyone who has been around you and seen this performed or met you in person knows for a fact that your very heart and soul was poured into this breadth of work we now have to learn for ourselves. Folks please treat this with the utmost respect and honor by striving to achieve the bar shattering standards to which this has been designed.

  2. Wow, thank you for that in depth review. I have a question though, how does this compare to Impervious by Jeremy Hanhrahan?

  3. Nice review
  4. Here are my thoughts in all honesty...

    Impervious - No coin contacting the bottle to demonstrate a truly convincing penetration. More of a 'mind thing' here.

    Jeremy's Hanrahan's contribution though, is excellent for routines and worth checking out. "The Hanrahan Hold," I believe can be obtained through Jeremy directly.

  5. Can it be any kind of bottle? Like one of those really small water bottles or gatorade bottles?
  6. Great review! I'm still contemplating whether to buy it or now, as I don't really want to spend 30 dollars after I shelled out 20 for Witness (which was a great buy). Thanks for the review though. Nice work.

  7. From what I know, it will work perfectly with Gatorade bottles. in fact, it will work best with Gatorade bottles, and Bullet is also best with Gatorade bottles, as far as I know.
  8. wow great review is anyone gunna give a reveiw of bullet?
  9. Thanks, but what about the small bottles?
  10. I own bullet and yes, it works best with Gatorade bottles. I personally like Vitamin water, and they happen to use that type of bottle. It is funny because the spectators always suspect the bottle if you bring it along, but you can hand the thing out, everything can be examined :D as a matter of fact, they can keep the darn bottle if they so choose, you just have to go out and buy some more delicious drink!
  11. Just so everyone knows, Gatorade bottles are the exact same as Vitamin bottles. It will work with small bottles.
  12. I have a few questions.

    Can the borrwed coin be bigger than the neck of the bottle? Or do you have to use a nickle?

    Can the set up be done infront of the spectators?

    If someone just hand you a factory sealed bottle and a coin, then said "melt the coin through now!" Can you do that?

    I think it would be a plus point if you can sign the coin.

    The penetration is not as visual as I thought. The whole coin and point of penetration was covered by his hand. You cannot see the penetration happening.

    Other people agree.

    Can the penetration take place in the dead center with the bottle held vertically, instead of horizontally? It will be more amazing if it can be done vertically, where they can see the coin float down the bottle.

    But from the trailer, the coin and point of penetration was covered. I cannot see anything.

    The surrounded version has the same weakness as impervious. Although there is no cover, you cannot show the coin and bottle as seperate objects right before the penetration.

    Can the big signed coin version be done impromptu? Can the set up be done in front of the audience, or you need some "pre show work'?
  13. So, can anyone tell me: is this or Bullet a better buy?
  14. Wrong, wrong, wrong. In both versions there are ways to show the two objects as separate.

    I would answer your other questions, but I have to be off to school.
  15. AndyAce,

    If you simply feel compelled to see how close this effect is to yours, then please buy the product. Once you have the product, please try to refrain from posting what every little similarity and difference is.


    It gets to the point where people simply can not answer each and every question the way you want them to without giving up the method...this is known as reverse engineering and there are many people who do it to an art in an attempt to figure out how it is done without having to by the effect.

    Just buy the effect.

  16. Pretty much why I am not bothering to answer most questions. Personally I feel there is enough information in the review to make a decision about buying it. If there are general questions I would be more than happy to answer them.


  17. Before you accuse me of this "reverse enginnering" thing, can you please quote which questions makes you think I'm trying to "reverse engine" the effect?

    None of my questions will give away the method.

    "Can the set up be done in front of the audiences?" How can this give away the method? It is a simple yes or no.

    "Can the big signed coin be done imptomptu?" this is to see if Factory Sealed is indeed revolutionary, as no CTB can do the big signed coin ending impromptu.

    Can the penetration take place in the dead center with the bottle held vertically, instead of horizontally? This is asking about the visualness of Factory Sealed.

    As you can see, none of the questions have anything to do with the methods!
    I guess people have the right to know the answers before spending money on it.

    And after reading the magic cafe, I was shocked by one of the reviews.

    So that means Factory Sealed is NOT "Factory Sealed!

    You have to open the "Factory Sealed" bottle yourself!

    The audience cannot be the one who break the Seal.

    There are some rumors about this a few months ago, and all the E CTB fans are very upset by the rumor. They keep saying that cannot be true.

    I guess the rumor back then is true.

    I guess I would stick to other effects where the bottle is really factory sealed, when the audience can stare at the seal as they slowly break the seal.
  18. heres AndyAce again, about to destroy another thread with his ridiculous questions and quoting 10 posts in his one post. It's a good effect, just buy it. You will perform it, a lot, in impromptu situations. I downloaded Bullet and FC and they're both great and effects I will use often in the real world. The production quality is ridiculously good. As good if not better than T11. What else do you need to know other than that? Seriously! Just buy it!
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    if you are asking all these ridiculous questions, hoping that this CIB will be the holy grail of CIB's, well you're going to be disapointed. Sorry, but the coin doesn't REALLY penetrate the bottle, but that's exactly what it looks like to spectators and this is the most practical, visual, and probably easiest CIB on the market. It's not perfect, but nothing is. This is good as a CIB as there will ever be.

    AndyAce if the world's best CIB still isn't good enough for you, than go just do your own and leave us alone. Don't need to talk bad about the product which resulted in the creation of your own CIB which is not nearly as practical as this one. Sorry you were disappointed! Goodbye!
  20. First of all, I did not quote 10 posts in one post. My math is s*** (self edited) but I'm sure I'm counting right.

    And why are the question ridiculous?

    And I hope this thread can focus more on Factory Sealed, and not on me.
    Once you start focusing on me, this thread would be destroyed. At least that what happened to other threads.

    Please stay on topic

    I'm not the one that hopes that this is the holy grail of CTB. Other people hope that it would be.

    Those questions will let people know what the effect can or cannot accomplish.

    If the reviewer is afraid of letting people know what the effect cannot accomplish, then the review is bias.

    Yes, the production quality would be great! But we are not buying hollywood movie DVDs here. That is not the only reason to buy a magic DVD.

    We do need to know what can this effect accomplish before buying it.
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