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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by jimbowmanjr, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Whoa, so you comment on things you know nothing about. Well at lest you are honest.
  2. Jeremy, I based my comments on Jim's review. Hence I know something about it. Jim purchased the effect and gave review on it. Are you saying Jim doesn't know anything about Impervious?

    And Jeremy you DID comment on effects that you did not purchased. And you based them on other comments from people who DID NOT purchased the effect.

    At least I based my comments on a review from someone who purchased the trick, and not from some bias comments from people who DID NOT purchase the effect.
  3. I would just like to say, after watching the video, while a great effect, it resembles too close to Impervious which I use daily. Now without going into exposure, I simply wasted a good amount of money. I prefer Impervious because of the Hanhrahan hold and the amount of visibility inside the bottle when you show all around that there is nothing inside.

    I will try and post a review later, but I must head to school.

  4. I wouldn't say Factory Sealed resembles anything out there.
    If anything it's the other way around.
    OTHERS resemble Factory Sealed.

    Factory can be shown all around and performed all around.
    Much more visual and versatile than impervious..way better.

    FACTORY SEALED is what many have sought after and has been around in existence a lot longer than any of these recent cibs with solid source material..In Print and On Film to back it up.

    In the surrounded version alone..the spec holds the bottle...and the coin is really in hand underneath the bottle.

    And contains things no others have,

  5. I have to agree with the above from the ones i've seen.

    Although all these new cibs that have popped on the market after the real Factory Sealed by Nick Verna was released to E, nothing is going to contain the real 'inner workings' than the genuine article has.

    Nick's effect rocks and simply BLEW ME AWAY!!!!!!!
    My Lord, is that a pretty penetration...Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. That's awesome...Borrowing the bottle just puts this over the edge.
  7. Well, I just read the interesting quote from the cafe by MagicZen. Very interesting indeed.

    I think the comparision may be a bit bias. Maybe you can post the quote on the Best CIB thread in the product question page.

    Here are my opinions on the various CTBs

    Sealed In: Yes, maybe the penetration is too fast. But I think it looks as fast as Bullet, done with water. If you like fast penetrations, go for Sealed In.

    The other reason Sealed In is stronger than FS is, in Sealed in the bottle is REALLY factory sealed. In Sealed In, you can let other people break the seal, in FS that cannot be done.

    Sealed In's penetration might not look as good as FS, but the good thing is it could be done with a real factory sealed bottle.

    Chris handling is very similar to the surrounded version of FS. Hence there is really nothing much to compare. Just like FS, the bottle is NOT factory sealed.

    Like FS, no gimmicks!

    Jeremy's effect is no longer in Impervious I think? I have no idea what it looks like, as there are no demo videos of it. Now that he is not in precision magic anymore, maybe he can show us a good demo video.
    Sealed & Stuck

    The coin is NOT falling outside the bottle. If it falls outside the bottle the coin would just hit the floor, end of the show.

    The fact is they can see that the coin visually penetrates the middle and hits the bottom. Unlike FS, you don't have to cover the coin in the penetration. This is the most open CTB. Check out the Best CIB thread for more info on this.

    And it is really factory sealed, where the audience can clearly break the seal themselves. A big signed coin can be used too. FS cannot do that.

    A gimmick is used. The gimmick is extremely portable and sometimes you will even forget that you have it with you.

    The penetration in FS looks similar to Aquatic.
    In aquatic you need to use a gimmick, which is NOT a big deal. the gimmick can be carry around easily.

    The bottle is not factory sealed. No big signed coins.

    Abyss 2 looks visual. You can bring the bottle upside down and you can penetrate it through the bottom. Imagine FS, but doing it upsidedown (FS cannot be done upsidedown) You can see the coin sinking down to the cap.

    You will need gimmicks for this. You can use a big coin.

    There are ways to perform this with factory sealed bottles.
    Lucid Dreams

    Lucid Dream 2 is one of the most amazing penetrations I have ever seen. Go check out the demo video of it.

    Like FS, you covered the coin. But the main difference is the main point of penetration is not covered in Lucid Dream. The whole point of penetration is covered in FS.

    In Lucid Dream they can see the coin penetrates the side of the bottle and fall down into the bottle.

    Yes you will need a gimmick.

    There is a factory sealed version , but the penetration is not as visual as the Lucid Dream 2. Basically you place the coin on the cap, *bam* and it pass through the bottle.

    Factory Sealed

    The penetration is not the most visual ones I have seen. The whole coin is covered by the hand. The whole point of penetration is covered by the hand too. You cannot see anything much.

    The bottle is not factory sealed. You cannot let people look at the seal and break the seal.

    I think it would be great if we can continue the discussion in the other best CIB thread.
  8. #48 MagicZen, Nov 2, 2007
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    Comparison to others:

    First and foremost... ALL of the following were released AFTER Factory Sealed was released to E.
    And, after E announced the coming of their CTB project publicly.


    Sealed in

    "Main effect" is a 'to location' type of trick.
    Not a visual penetration effect...(plain and simple.)

    Other variations show a 'quick' penetration that doesn't look truly convincing all the time because of either the pathway of the coin being inconsistent in the way it appears in the bottle or the aftermath being the main concentration and not the penetration presentation itself. Plus WAAAY to much movement of the bottle. Very suspicious looking. Looks like you're trying to shake something that is already inside into view. Not very genuine.

    Although now in the ad copy and written in places like the jacket, nowhere on the DVD did I "hear" the signature term "Factory Sealed" be mentioned by either of the two gents in the video. (a term used to describe Nick Verna's effect FACTORY SEALED). A term placed in print long ago mind you.

    Sealed In uses what many agree to be an impractical sealing method that does not work well a lot of the time and is not good for all bottles. Not practical enough for the street scene you see advertised in their demo. The pre show 'gimmicking' work is quite time consuming even after you've mastered it. There is no quick reset, no ability to repeat the effect. Plus the seal when opened, only made ONE small crack sound. Didn't seem real at all. Not very convincing. Low performance value.



    No coin contacting the bottle to demonstrate a truly convincing penetration.
    More of a 'mind thing' here.

    Jeremy's Hanrahan's contribution though, is excellent for routines and worth checking out. "The Hanrahan Hold," I believe can be obtained through Jeremy directly.


    Sealed & Stuck

    Not a convincing penetration at all in my book.

    A coin falling behind the bottle (where the performer places it) simply is not the same as a coin penetrating the bottle.

    There is no reason to even discuss this further for the penetration part is the whole point of the effect. I simply could not get passed the core of this trick for it does not look like it penetrates the bottle at all.


    Aquatic (A CIB routine)

    Once again we have a coin never actually contacting the bottle for the initial penetration of the routine where the penetration is to take place. More of an implication type of thing. Not completely convincing.

    Not impromptu. Requires a gimmick.

    The whole coin under bottle (as well as the 'under the sea' version in abyss2) reminds me of what was already in print from a book called Bet You Can't, Scientific Impossibilities to Fool You which was ©copyrighted back in the 1980s.



    Seems like Abyss woke up to the full bottle/sealed bottle bar previously set.
    The CIB premise of Abyss1 revamped.
    Alternate ways to perform.
    Not as clean all the time like you see in the demo, misdirection is required.
    Can't just up and borrow the bottle.
    Not completely impromptu, but can appear to be.
    A traditional gimmick is required for the sealing the bottle. Sealing the bottle is limited.
    Gimmick is not applicable to all bottles.
    There is a set up time around 20 secs or so.
    Some like it, some hate it. (especially with a certain something used)
    Not available on DVD, but price is reasonable.


    Lucid Dreams

    Gimmicked City.
    Prep work out the Wazoo.

    Dream One consists of too much movement of the bottle, and looks fishy as to the way the coin enters.
    (pathway of the coin)

    Dream Two has a visual FALL and the cover is way too long to be considered a convincing penetration.
    Many may find the handling to be uncomfortable and cumbersome as well.

    This is a clear example of a CIB brought to market that was "just invented" if I may quote the creator himself.

    This is my honest take on other effects that will inevitably be compared to Factory Sealed and Bullet. Some were clearly rushed in anticipation of beating Factory Sealed and Bullet out of the gate, others...well just didn't really feel that magical when performed for live audiences.

    I agree nothing looks similar to Factory Sealed...If anything, it's the other way around.
    Factory Sealed has been around waaaaaaaay before any of those...with documented proof.

    Plus go watch the trailer..there is a magical way to hand the factory sealed bottle to the spec..or he can grab it and check the seal himself..in once instance the kid says HE himself "opened up the seal"...It's in the DVD...even in the teeaser...(public knowledge)

    When execued properly you can allow this full effect to occur..and keep it impromptu with no gimmicks....
    It's done through the art of magic...all shown on the Factory Sealed DVD.

    Plus you can build on it for the souvenir version and any other variation you like. (big coin/sign/wet/marked/initialed..yada yada) The ground work that was SET long before set a very high bar that broke all bariers....till this day is not been touched...not even close.

    What we know for absolute certainty from real top professional magicians (not just kids) who actually have performed with it have gotten ready while in front of the spectator and executed it on the spot.

    Factory Sealed is the Best.

    It can be executed so many ways. Even OPENLY with NO COVER whatsoever.

    The creator can do it with just one finger
    You can too with practice..Learn the groundwork first.

    The most visual penetration expression EVER!. and can be handed out immediately.and clean.

    It's the best period and mimmicks no one..why? cause it is thee original and the most worked on with the most testing and experimenting to produce the best results.

    I Love Factory Sealed.

    Can't wait to see other cool products coming out for XMas that have went the full nine yards like this effect has.
  9. I'm sorry but it doesn't even sound like you own the effec MagicZen. The time for hype is over, the effect is released now.
  10. Quote:
    Originally Posted by Justin Miller
    The week we filmed these 2 cibs I stopped at a gas station in california and was about to pay for gas when I saw the entire gas crew standing by the register. I thought ok..I have perfromed this on the street for over 7 days now I have seen the reaction of just walking up to people..now lets really put this thing to the test. I went up and asked if someone had a coin on them. and then asked another person if they would get me a bottle of water from the fridge. In front of everyone I "set-up" factory Sealed and perfromed it to a jaw-dropping crowd. I know of no other cib that does that.
    Justin N. Miller

    That's awesome...Borrowing the bottle just puts this over the edge.

    ^quoted from above^

    I would take everything Justin says with a grain of salt after basically every review I read from him is nothing but the highest praise.

    this goes for infinity thread (of course it's the best ever, he's selling it) to the 1st edition guardians (everyone else hates their finish yet he finds it great) to now these CIBs.

    caveat emptor --- this is the ellusionist method of distrustful marketing. if anything... the more praise I hear from these guys, the less I believe it.
  11. I do have the effect and the set up is super fast.
    I praise it because it is SUPERB!

    What Justin said is very possible.
    Justin's experience warrants him to make such posts.
    Depending on your skill level you too can set it up on the spot.

    Another alternative is to build it into your routine...it's quite easy actually...that's the beauty of no gimmicks.

    In the end, the specs are so blown away ...it's just plain killer.

    It's a five star product period.
    A great effect to perform on the spot when soda cans are not around.
  12. You are a sick little puppy, trashy.

    Could you please explain the "Ellusionist method of distrustful marketing"?

    I take it that if we said bad things about our products, then you would believe it, but not when we say good things?

    Why not just try to get over whatever it is that causes you to trash (no pun intended) Ellusionist? Did you get banned for bad behavior? Whatever it is, just get over it.

  13. I think this is what he meant by "Ellusionist method of distrustful marketing"

    Someone who purchased the effect gave a corrected versioj of the FAQ. I will post it below.

    Factory Sealed:

    Can the coin be borrowed? - Yes (as long as it matches)

    Can the coin be marked or initialed? - No. The point of this effect is the beauty of the visual penetration, not a detective-like examination of the process. That question comes from your mind, not the spectator's. We never heard it once in all the performances that were filmed, and there were a tremendous number of them that were shot. (yeah whatever. no you cant, basically)

    Can the bottle be borrowed? - No (correct - at least they are honest about it)

    Is it necessary for the coin to be marked or initialed? - No. The point of this effect is the beauty of the visual penetration, not a detective-like examination of the process. That question comes from your mind, not the spectator's. We never heard it once in all the performances that were filmed, and there were a tremendous number of them that were shot. (oh shut up)

    Can the bottle be from a vending machine? - Yes. When you watch the DVD, dozens of "routine" ideas will flow from your mind. We at Team E continue to create our own personal routines everyday with Factory Sealed and have tons of fun doing so. We encourage you to do the same. (basically like you can perform invisible deck with a borrowed deck...deck switch)

    Can this be performed point blank right in front of your spectator's eyes? - Yes. (close up effect, it can be done as, yes)

    Can it be performed surroundned - Yes ...there is a beautiful version included in the DVD which can be performed completely surrounded, and MAN does it get reactions. It's likely that you will perform this one more than any other version included on the DVD. (you can do it surrounded, depending on how you perform it)

    Can the penetration take place in the dead center of the bottle when performing it surrounded? - Yes. (true, but the bottle has to be horizontal, so it is still at the bottom, effectively))

    Is the factory sealed container clear? - Yes, completely. (no comment)

    Can the label be removed? - Yes. (true)

    Do the spectators actually SEE the penetration occur? - Yes, the slower the miracle is performed, the better. (iffy - they never see a penetration, but they will think that they did, depending on what variation you perform)

    Can the spectators hold the bottle as the penetration occurs - Yes, we demonstrate and recommended this to generate a truly astonishing experience for your audience. (no comment)

    Are gimmicks involved? - No. The effect in relation to its practicality is in perfect equilibrium. An absolute dream effect. (true)

    Is everything immediately examinable after the miracle occurs? - Yes (same as indecent...examinable once you "clean up")

    Are gimmicks involved? - No. (true)

    As you can see the FAQ can be misleading at times.

    For example, the bottle is not factory sealed. You cannot let the audiences look at the seal and break the seal.
  14. I got this just because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, not sure why really. It could be impromtu, but you have to have the same kind of balls it takes to do thumb tip magic with a bright green thumb tip to pull it off in my opinion. Justin Miller can do it because he is awesome, I don't think most people buying this effect would be able to though.
  15. Justin is an awesome performer.

    Great instructors like him, help us on our quest to acheive what he did.

    Including...Borrowing the bottle.
    And having the spectator in the end say "But, I opened the Seal".

    You can do what is done in Bullet to borrow the bottle also, as an alternative way to acheive this 'borrowing the bottle' goal.
    In fact you can do just about anything with the groundwork on factory seal who's effect itself is just so genuine.

    This is why we listen carefullty to all the instructions...not just segments.
    This is why practcing the effect is crucial.

    I highly recommend this to anyone interested in serious intimate close up magic.

    I plan to practice this a bit more before I myself perform this for LIVE audiences. This truly deserves the time that went into it.
  16. So you have some sort of vague, generic complaint with Ellusionist, and choose to take it out on Justin Miller by questioning his integrity.

  17. read AndyAce's REAL review post, and unholygodn's comments below. this is the kind of thing I believe. there is a discrepancy between the truth, and the offical hype from the E fanboys.
  18. Andy,

    I believe that Justin Miller answered your original question about borrowing a bottle and a coin and performing it. He said that he did the seup right in front of them and performed the effect.

    You haven't responded to anything he said, so I just thought I'd point it out in case you've missed it.
  19. Great review Jim! I really have to pick these up sometime soon!

    But man... what a mess in this thread. Andy, I don't understand what you are going at. You have already decided not to buy the product (you mentioned it and I remember reading it), then why do you continue to pick out every single thing and post and point made in this thread? And in the process you keep saying this thread isn't about you or your product while you are indirectly doing just that. Any mention of you or your product IS advertising it, direct or indirect.

    I don't know how you can shamelessly plug your product and give justifications about it in a thread that is reviewing another product. On top of that you continually ask questions about it trying every bit to 'figure' out the flaws and who knows, the method as well maybe? That's how it seems - like a wild fishing expedition. You can criticize something, but this is not the way to do it. This entire thread has run to so many places. I don't know what to say, just very disappointed that a good review is being messed up because of a couple of characters.

    I know even my post is not pertaining to the main thread but I thought that I could step in and give my thoughts.


  20. Hey guys, I just went out and performed version one of the effect. I don't usually perform things the day after buying them but I just really wanted to try it out. I used a quarter for the version and I must say, the reactions were quite killer. I may have jumped the gun calling it a complete waste of money.

    I still stand by my views of the second method but I do like the idea of the spectator holding the cap.

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