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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by jimbowmanjr, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Yup, please read the reviews from neutral parties who purchased the product.

    But from neutral parties who purchased the effect, it CANNOT be done on the spot with a borrowed bottle. More than one review confirmed that.

    Looks like someone is not telling the truth here.

    Seems like the good reviews came from people who are with good terms with the creator.

    I would trust reviews from neutral parties more.

    And arvindj227, you are trying to start another arugment here which is not necessary.

    Please focus on the effect and reviews and not on me. If you start focusing on me, this thread would get close down.

    I'm not fishing here. I'm just posting some neutral reviews I have seen from other forums.
    Please don't try to divert the attention away from the honest neutral reviews.
  2. Why don't you do that for a change and stop focusing on you? If you aren't fishing WHAT are you doing? You want to know this, that, that, that and that, and even that. Understand this. Everything about an effect just CANNOT be said.

    I wonder what would happen if we started dissecting an ACR. Can you *really* put the card in the middle? Can you SHOW them the card as it goes into the middle? Can you let THEM push the card in, can you let THEM hold the deck, can you make it rise through all the cards and see the card tunneling through the entire deck as the spectator holds it in their hand and you are turning the other way around blindfolded and in another part of the room? Do you get my point and see how irritating it is?

    Beyond a point it's just nonsense. If you like the end effect GET it. If you don't like it, just leave it at that. But don't keep degrading or over comparing. Remember, it's a business and advertising will come into play. And everything CANNOT be told out as it spoils the effect. What is the point? I look for effect over method. If I don't like the method after buying it, my bad. Nothing wrong in asking a few questions about it before but there's a limit.

    I am not diverting attention from the other reviews. How could you even post a review - that too not by YOU on ANOTHER person's review? Do you think that's a nice thing to do? I don't even think the original person would agree with it.


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    Ok, I don't want to argue with you.

    The solution is simple.

    Don't post anything about AndyAce in your next post. Simple?

    Pay attention.

    The only question I asked is if FS can be done impromptu with a big signed coin. How is that fishing? How is this question like those ridiculous ACR question you posted?

    You are using the strawman tactic here, which is commonly seen in highschool debates. Just stop it.

    That ONLY question I asked was answered. The answer is no. I'm satisfied with the answer and said that I would not ask anymore question.

    After reading the neutral reviews in other forums, I already have a good idea of what FS can or cannot accomplish. Hence I don't need to ask anymore question.

    Now, some people here are posting misleading statements about FS. Some members (NOT ME) here pointed out that they think some information about FS is misleading.

    Some members asked "why are they misleading?"

    Hence I came back and post a neutral review stating why the FAQ in the Ellusionist might be misleading.That is WHY I posted other people's review.

    That review is very well done, as it tackles the FAQ in the Ellusionist. People find it to be very helpful. The review is neutral, as it agrees with parts of the FAQ, and disagree with other parts of the FAQ.

    Instead of focusing on me, maybe you should focus on that neutral review instead?

    Maybe you should also comment on that review? Is his opinions about the Ellusionist FAQ valid?

    Focus on the reviews please.
  4. What real review post? He doesn't own either one of the effects.

    As far as doing Factory Sealed with a borrowed bottle, you seriously have to be from another planet or not paying attention at all to make a statement you cannot do this. Justin Miller did it. I have done it. It isn't hard or impractical to do at all. The people who say it can't be done are either lazy or don't actually even own the effect in the first place. Seriously the ignorance of the FACTS is astounding.

  5. Dude...just shut up with all the "Let's keep the focus off of me" BS. Your getting exactly what you want....attention. Every post you make draws more attention to yourself and your ignorance. You don't OWN either effect. So..in my opinion...you have no say in the matter. You asked your question...you got your answer...let it end.

    Matthew Mello
  6. Erm Jim, I think you misunderstood trashmanf's post.

    He did not say "AndyAce's review" He said "AndyAce's REAL review post"

    The review was not done by me, I already state that in my post. The review was done by real neutral parties who purchased the E's CTBs.

    I don't see why the reviews are not valid. They are done by neutral parties who purchased the effect.

    Obviously someone is lying here.

    Either that, or you are stating a fact, but the fact is misleading.

    Can it be done on the spot with a borrowed bottle? The answer is no, I got that from neutral parties who purchased the product.

    But you said it is possible for people to just hand you a bottle on the spot, and you can perform the effect.

    Jim, is it true that if I hand you the bottle on the spot now, you can just perform the effect right on the spot?

    I'm asking this again because I got 2 different answers. Someone is lying here and we need to know who is not telling the truth.

    And don't start the "fishing thing" again. The same question was already asked and answered by other people. They all don't think it is fishing.

    Now I just want to know who is lying.
  7. Matt, I DID NOT SAY THAT. You are putting words in my mouth. Why are you doing this? Why make personal attacks that are not relevant to the topic? This really says alot about you Matt.

    I said STOP focusing on me.

    I'll offer a solution.

    The solution is simple Matt. Just don't post about me. Simple?

    I do have a say in this matter. Here is the reason why. Please read the post you quote before qouting them.

    Focus on the review please.
  8. Whoa man...don't use my name 3 times...your putting to much focus on me. Please stay on topic. STOP FOCUSING ON ME...OH MY GOD!!!!

    Oh...and I don't care what you think of me. But, you apparently care what I have to say about you...which is funny. Later.

    Matthew Mello
  9. Guys,

    Shall we get back to Jim's review of Factory Sealed, and refrain from the one-on-one quarrels -- no pun intended.

    Further, let's keep posts constructive, and refrain from turning members' opinions and thoughts into gratuitous arguments.


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    Yes it can be done. Are you interested in the method or the effect? If you can't do it and you can't understand how its because you don't own it and yet you will continue to form your opinion based on someone else's opinion as you have always done without knowing any first hand information.

    Cheers and I am done replying to your questions. You are, in my opinion, completely and unbelievably obsessed with this effect, yet you do not even own it. I own it and I know exactly what is and is not possible.


    p.s. If you are going to quote reviews at least have the common courtesy to provide links to the original source of the review so that people can see the review in its entirety. Thanks.
  11. Yup, let's get back on topic.

    Can Factory Sealed be done on the spot with a borrowed bottle? The answer I get is no.

    Here's some parts of the reviews that answered the question.


  12. I like it that some people think they can't :D
    Means not everything can be exposed over internet.
    As for me, today I found something out which allows me to let a spec go into a supermarket, buy a waterbottle of his choice, gimme a coin (sadly not a big coin yet) and so on and so on.
    Andy, its true, its not part of the teaching of the DVD, but with a tiny little bit of work and effort, its possible.
    And by the way... with all respect dude... it really looks like you are fishing. Even though you might not do it.
  13. Thanks for confirming it was NOT taught on the DVD.

    The point is with a little bit of work and effort, you can make the same improvements to ALL OTHER CTBS out there.

    The same improvements you mentioned can be applied to most other CTBs out there.

    First of all, I don't have the need to fish.

    Because you have to point a gun at me to make me perform Factory Sealed.
    I would never ever perform it. The penetration is fully covered and I don't want to ruin my reputation by performing it.

    Second, I only asked ONE question and that has been answered.

    Can that be done impromptu with big signed coins? The answer is no.

    How is that fishing? Tell me how is that fishing?

    From the other neutral reviews I already have a good idea of what FS can or cannot accomplish.

    Can you perform FS on the spot if someone just hand you their bottle? After reading the neutral reviews, the answer is NO, it cannot be done.

    Any objections to the above answer?
  14. I think you do a good enough job ruining your own reputation all by yourself.

    Matthew Mello
  15. Infact.. yeah. In my posting above. :)
    Are you kind of obsessed by some weird CIB demon or someting like that?
    Or is it really something personal against E...? Just wondering. Because your action are really WAY beyond the usual questions to make up ones mind.

    You stated this very often in this thread... and in other threads.. and on youtube... and on several boards.
    Why do you still bother then? Why still asking? FS is cleary not for you. But you knew that after a few reviews.
    So why still asking?
    Again I somehow got the feeling that you have this inner urge to present "the truth" of big bad E to the magicians world.
    Proof me wrong if you can :)
  16. Jim already said that someone can just hand their factory sealed bottle on the spot, and you can perform the effect on the spot.

    Although the FAQ on E said it cannot be done with borrowed bottles, Jim said it could be done.

    From the other reviews I read, it cannot be done.

    I don't know who is telling the truth here.

    Btw as Jim requested, here is the link to the review.


    There are other CTBs that were released recently. However I don't see the need to post about those CTBs.

    Mainly because those CTBs are open and honest about their product. They clearly tell people what their effect can or cannot accomplish.

    E's CTB however, provide a handful of misleading information on their website. The bias review by some people only helped to confuse people even more.

    From reviews by Jim and Justin, you can do it on the spot with any borrowed bottles.

    From reviews by neutral parties who purchased it , you cannot do it on the spot with any borrowed bottle.

    This is getting more and more confusing.

    Some people got mislead and end up purchasing the product. Later on they found out that the product does not fit the description. Some mentioned FS is a complete waste of their money on the E's forum.

    I just don't want to see more people fall victim into those misleading information.
  17. Thanks. You are doing a great job too.

    The answer is in my previous post.
  18. Hm.. didn't saw them. Mind providing the link sheriff Andy?
  19. Guys,

    Shall we move on, and avoid the "beef," if any. This thread is a review for Factory Sealed. Therefore, let's get back on topic, and refrain from back and forth arguments.

    I'm leaving this thread open for now.

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