First Real People Performances of SMOKE

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Aug 18, 2010.

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    I'm really glad you had a successful run of it.

    William Draven
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    Just my opinion, but I think you're overreacting a just a bit. The fact of the matter is he wasn't smoking on school property, so it would be impossible for him to be expelled. All he would have to do is give his principle a link to the website to prove his point. It's a mini-fog machine, that's all. He didn't have any matches or lighters on him. I don't think his prop decision had anything to do with how mature he is. In fact, I think it was his maturity that gave him the confidence to perform the effect knowing that he wasn't doing anything wrong. If you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't be afraid of getting in trouble. I think most adults who saw smoke coming out of his mouth would be right to assume that he was smoking, but after a couple of simple questions, that could be cleared up.

    Draven, have you actually received the DVD and gimmick yet? Do you know what the gimmick is? It was my understanding that they were sold out when you attempted to purchase it. Therefore how could you know what's on the DVD?
  3. Like I said before, I was OFF SCHOOL PROPERTY. I was being aware of my surroundings before I even performed it, making sure there was nothing for any adult to suspect. I think I know when I can and when I can't use it, since I actually own it. Saying that I disappointed you by performing an awesome effect doesn't make sense. I see where you are coming from, but I know the limits of performing this. I'm in no way an idiot.

  4. Wow. Overreacting. Seriously. I am buying Smoke when it comes back in stock because I think it is genius. My magician friend showed me how it worked because he got one and I think its fantastic.

    The sole reason Im getting this is to perform at school. Many Many people smoke at school and its NOT illegal. Now weed is different but they wont automatically assume your doing that. So I dont know where people are getting the idea that you could get expelled from doing this.

    This is High School, not Grade School guys.
  5. Perhaps it's different in Canada, but in the US students are not allowed to smoke on school grounds.

    Definitely not something I would recommend students performing at their school. Props to Casey for having the good judgment and patience to do the effect when he was off school grounds. Especially with all the excitement he has going for the effect.
  6. Meh. I'll concede that I perhaps was over reacting a bit. I missed the off school grounds part, (though I've known schools to go after kids regardless of where they are).

    I retract my post, with my apologies to Casey.
  7. wow you americans need to relax a little bit

    its not THAT big of a deal to blow smoke out of your mouth for like 3 ll be fine.
  8. Great man :D I told you it was awesome haha it's really the best thing in the world since cut dinosaur. I just hope this thing stays underground :D I'm getting a second unit in the mail soon for safe keeping :D
  9. Glad to hear that this went as well as it did. So having smoke coming out of your mouth, it didn't seem awkward? That's the thing... I would think about it looking pretty odd... I was going to get this effect, but this was the thought that stopped me... I showed the preview vid to my family, and they said thought it wouldn't be a good idea... I mean seriously, smoke coming out of a teenager's mouth... People might call the police :) jk... But it didn't feel awkward? Then I might seriously get this later...
  10. If your family does not agree then don't really bother with it until they decide otherwise. I had permission from my dad and my mom that I could do this, and I promised to use it respectfully and with maturity. If they didn't trust me I would in no way have gotten Smoke. From what i read it doesn't look like it fits your style. If your parents are uncomfortable with the idea, like i said earlier, don't bother with it.

  11. Draven, schools wouldn't have much jurisdiction over you "smoking" off school grounds. Unless it's at a bus-stop or something, someone I know once got in trouble for a fight at a bus stop after-school.

    Off topic: Casey, get on tinychat? Emily's being a *****.. as usual.
  12. At my school, you are still under school supervision from the moment you leave your house until the moment you return. That means even walking to and from the bus stop. However, even if you're 18, I think all schools have a tobacco free campus.

    At any rate, congrats Casey! I had the gimmick when Alan called it "Shmoke" and I want to purchase the new one because I sold the last one. Seems like a fun effect with some cool, new presentations!
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    Thats weird.

    EDITED: Dont feel like arguing with people.
  14. Or you can stop trying to act like a smart ass and just perform when you are not around the School. Problem solved and everybody comes out a winner.
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    Edited: Dont really feel like arguing with people. Nevermind then
  16. I am thinking of getting it, is the gimmick sturdy enough to take to school without destroying it, and during class, where do you keep it
  17. I usually keep it in my pocket or cause I wore a dress shirt i had it clipped to my breast pocket, as well as a few other pens to blend in, haha. Mega nerd at your service!
  18. It makes me happy to read stories of sucessful performances. I'm glad it went so well for you. You'll just need to remember to not be a trick monkey and pander to every single request to perform it. Treat it more like a mirical than just a magic trick because thats what its designed to be :).

    I recieved mine today, haven't had a chance to perform it yet but I can't wait xD Now my brains racking itself to try and come up with alternate routines than the ones taught on the DVD.

    Nice job Casey and good luck with future performances with Smoke (Y)


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