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  1. I was just wondering if anyone wanted to do a battle in which they have to come up with a presentation/patter for 5 speed. It is not the easiest trick to create original patter for. It can be comedic or serious, it doesn't matter. You could just post your presentation as a reply to this thread if you want. No serious battle, just to see what people can come up with. If you can make a live performance of 5 speed with the new patter, then that would be great. I don't want this to be a serious battle, just a creativity challenge.
  2. you could do a little routine (acr, Inversion) where you tell them that there is a card that always ruins your tricks, whatever card they chose, you say its that's the one that messes you bad, then after ending the trick (using as patter what I told you before) you can offer to demonstrate how the trick works, by using only 5 cards, at the end of the trick you appear the "the card that messes up always" as the climax and that's the end of the routine:D

    It is what comes to mind right now, I have to think of something else, I would gladly record it on camera, but some users doesnt like performances in spanish. Bad stuff:(.
  3. Did you get a chance to search through the threads yet? Here's an older post on 5 Speed - 5 Speed
  4. I like that idea...I'll keep that in mind when I perform 5-Speed.

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