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  1. Okay so today i was performing for a group of people and among them there happened to be someone who was learning card tricks, i wouldn't call it learning, he only knows a couple of moves like some forces and what a Double Lift is. He kept on calling all the moves i was doing like a rifle force, a DL etc. But when it comes to more complicated tricks, he was quiet. He also said that if i did it one more time, he would catch me. I was really pissed off and just walked away.

    So my question is , what do you do when you are in this type of situation ?
  2. You have to have the crowed favored to you. Once you do that it cuts off the hecklers "energy" if you will and will just feel stuiped when he talks to himself.
  3. Doesn't seem like he is really interested in magic at all to call someone out performing.

    I would have a trick that doesn't involve cards at all and blow his mind....
  4. Wait til he does a bullet catch and then switch it out for a real bullet and then shoot off his thumb. This way you will cause his evil twin pain also, a double whammy. I might have stolen this idea.

    If he does any tricks then do what he did, give him a bit of his own medicine. Or perhaps just ask him if he likes to act like a jackass and if he wouldn't mind not saying everything.
  5. Am i the only one seeing the obvious here? Do a magician fooling trick.

    Seriously, i've come across many of these guys before. Therefore for them, i do some of the best magician fooling tricks of all time: Berglas Effect and Scarne's Aces.

    I do those in the context of "explaining" another trick. I wont tell you exactly how i do it cuz i want you to figure it out your own method.
  6. You could as MagicShadow9 said do a magician fooling trick, but those are usually not very entertaining to lay people. I have had many of these people try to bug me in the past and I found that their are a few ways to deal with them.

    1. Hand him your deck and ask him to perform a trick for everyone. This usually works as they get nervous and are probably not good performers. They usually leave the group out of embarresment.

    2. Talk to him afterwards and tell him how seriously you take magic and how you would prefer if he didn't expose secrets. This is my least favorite approach but I thought I would throw it out their.

    3. Do an old trick. Seriously. a lot of great tricks are in old books. Usually people like him won't know of these tricks or be able to figure them out. Not only that but they will still be enteraining.

    4. Explain your way out of his "explanations". If he says your doing a double lift, do a KM Move and show only one card. That was just an example but I hope you know what I mean.

    5. Punch him in the face, call him an a****** and keep performing. Not really but if you must resort to telling him to go away in front of the group by all means do it.

    I hope that was of some use to you.
  7. Well to be quite honest even if he knows what the move is he still shouldn't be able to catch it.
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    So mainly alot of people are saying is that you should make him feel bad when he performs or just one up him. Yeah,that always works.
    What the hell, are we on a playground here?
  9. I think the 1st method which you posted is much more useful, usually when you hand over the deck to the heckler to perform 90% of them won't be able to perform even they know the move cos they can't perform the moves properly.
  10. My advice is to be patient and try not to look like it is bothering you. While it is extremely annoying, try telling him you are going to do a trick and then he can perform next. This might calm him down some but maybe not. It obviously depends on the situation. But I agree, we are not on a play ground and you don't have to stoop to their level by trying to call them out. Use your head.
  11. Say to him, "You know about cards, so maybe you could help me out...shuffle these for me, please." After he's performed a clumpy riffle shuffle, then say "Thanks, I'll just give them another shuffle to make sure everyone knows they're properly mixed and you haven't done one of your fancy magician's trick shuffles", as you bust a one-hand shuffle. It's a put-down, but with good humour so no-one gets offended but it shows off your skill. This is, of course, assuming you can do a one-hand shuffle.
  12. That's still offensive to him.

    Just smile. Grab your deck and go. If you did your work right people will either follow you or ask the guy to remain silent.
  13. Well i only walk away when i'm REALLY pissed off , i won't don't walk away because of a low life heckler among the audiences.
  14. That's your problem man "low life heckler" pfft, what do you want advice for? if you are with this attitude it means that he already owned you.
  15. A smart man knows when to walk away.
  16. That's what i think of him, don't tell me that you think people trying to debug you are cool, you act cool around them when all you really think about is to punch them.
  17. "cool" has nothing to do with it. or what you think of them for that matter.
    Morally, all these suggestions are wrong.
    And if you want to act like a professional, they're still f'ing wrong man.
  18. Dude, you have to realise that you are better than that.

    It's not about pretending and being someone you are not, don't let little things and people like that to bother you, because in this path you are going to encounter A LOT of people like that, so you need to not bother about those things and like Visual Artist said, be the smart man in this thing.
  19. Drop kick his head. I assure you it will work every time.
    k not really.

    I give the worst advice about hecklers as I honestly tell people to confront them which is "bad". My point of view is "hes bugging you in the ass so kick him in his" Why does he get to get away scott-free with heckling you? he triesto reveal your tricks and all you do is walk off? comeon... wheres the justice? he won!

    In this situation. I would either go as CardSharp had said and hand him the deck. This usually works quite well.
    I would also suggest something else. such as performing a fool proof trick AKA self working. Not one of those crappy little ones where everyone knows, but the ones which are golden and is purely setup or gimmick relied.
    I might also perform a trick which relies on "underground" methods. Not exactly unknown methods but things you know beginners will never find or even if they illegally downloaded it, understand. One of these tricks will be Diplopia by Paul Vigil. It requires crimping a card from the bottom of the deck as well as clocking a deck. Now which beginner can do either of those things?
    Sometimes when I feel like it. I usually confront the heckler right then and there. I finish a trick and tell him in front of everyone to bugger off. If youve been doing well, then eveyrone will agree that hes killing the buzz and hell feel like a big bag of douche.
  20. Thank you.

    Not everyone has lost their minds.

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