For those beginning mentalism...


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Not a hugely impressive post as I'm sure you were expecting some form of essay, perhaps I'll 'essay it up' at another point!

The point here is to make those looking to get into mentalism aware that you can pick up "13 steps to mentalism" by Corinda extremely cheap in a paperback version, I stumbled across it on ebay today.

At first I thought it was a 2nd hand copy, but evidently not as he's listed several.

Enjoy boys and girls!

Nov 15, 2007
Raleigh, NC
Good find Dee

Anyone wanting to get into mentalism would benefit from this book. I wouldn't put it first on you list of things to study (there are better starting places...and much worse) but it's an excellent reference at an awesome price.
Yeah, I have the hard back copy of this book. GREAT book! It covers just about every aspect of mentalism, and serves as a good referance guide.

Take your time to carefully read through it, if you get the book. It can be a little hard to chew in some places. But over all it is a great book. Wonderful find D!
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