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    And other serious goodies for hardcore and aspiring hardcore card-punks...this will be especially cool if you got into card fundamentals 1 and 2.

    This morning, I recorded a special video message. To
    see it, click here:

    The Search and Destroy DVD and The Secret Weapon will be available
    on March 17th at 4pm est/1pm pacific time - that's one week from
    today. Let's have some real fun - Here's the contest, set up so
    EVERYONE wins something good:

    I'll be taking the DVD's to the warehouse myself for the release -
    so for everyone who purchases the Search and Destroy DVD during the
    first 72 hours of the release, I will autograph the DVD cover before
    your order ships. After that I'll be headed home, and this offer
    will come to an end.

    Now here's the REALLY cool part.

    If you purchase both the Search & Destroy DVD and the Secret Weapon,
    you'll save money on shipping - but that's just the beginning. Buy
    the DVD and The Secret Weapon together during the first 72 hours of
    the release and you'll be eligible for a serious prize.

    I'll put your names in a hat and then start drawing.

    Ten of you will receive a copy of the shooting script for Search and
    Destroy - signed by Wayne Houchin, Dana Hocking and me. The three of
    us made this remarkable DVD together, and only ten of these limited
    edition shooting outlines will be released. This was the document we
    used to create the DVD - it will offer you insights into what I
    think is important, and how I go about creating a project like
    Search and Destroy. This contest is the only way to get one of these

    The Grand Prize

    Since Search and Destroy is a real private lesson in sleight of hand,
    let's continue the process. Five names drawn out of the hat will
    receive a half-hour telephone session with me.

    This is YOUR time, so we can talk about whatever you think would be
    most valuable. Ultimately, we should probably talk about YOUR magic
    - and use the time to help you push your magic further.

    Remember, in order to have a chance at these prizes, you must pick
    up The DVD and The Secret Weapon TOGETHER within the first 72 hours
    This offer WILL NOT be mentioned on the website - just click
    the combo paypal button on either of the sell pages, and you'll
    automatically get your Search and Destroy autographed and have your
    name entered in the contest.

    Thanks for reading. See you next Tuesday! If you have any questions or
    comments please go to this link and post them there.

    Card Magic and Beyond
  2. cool i will definitly try winning
  3. Got this in the newsletter. Great stuff. It's really too bad i'm low on money right now. My next purchase is definetly going to Paper Engine. I've been eying it for a long time now. Definetly a cool contest though.
  4. Thats awesome man I hope I win

    edit: The movie was AWESOME, but the book was better. Im a fan of both *points to avatar*
  5. Hey Dude,

    I'm completely with you!

    But who knows what SOME people think.......


  6. If I currently wasn't going through True Astonishments and a few other books, I might've participated.:p I'll get these someday. Just not at the time of release. Good luck to those who enter. :)

  7. damn im short on money like lots of other people. Sorry Aaron I'll probably just beable to pick up one, but deffinitley s&d :D

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