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May 7, 2008
MoNTReaL 514 *****!
soo yeah i've realized and i'm not the only one i hope... that alot of laymans or something like this (people who don't do magic i think)
find impossible ways to explain tricks they are seeing..
i remember that some people we're saying that to perform control you all you had to do was to stop breathing..

and my parent are funny 2
when i was watching david blains dive of death my dad said ''oh that only a illusion he's not really upside down..''
so i told him that 300 person were there watching him live so he told me
''david blane is not upside down it only.. euh centralpark they flipped it''
i think my dsads didn't really relized what he had said soo yeah
also when my mom sees daniel madison flourishing or the buck she always says that it on fast foward :p

soo yeah what the point of this thread..
you guys will decide..
Oct 17, 2008
Haha, yeah. I got the same reaction from control. People said in witness that I had a deck full of nine of hearts, stuff like that. It's really funny hearing what people think, and how far off it is from the simple truth.
Oct 11, 2008
I once had someone insist that getting a number to appear on your arm from stigmata happens when someone squeezes and you let your pulse beat that many times.
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
That's the worst. Laymen can be so stupid sometimes, and it's really annoying. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do, somethings there may be something to do with presentation though. Saying db wasn't actually upside down... Yeah, no presentation's gonna fix that :p
May 7, 2008
MoNTReaL 514 *****!
oh and i just remembered one more i did a '''trick'' where i would simply force a card on a guy and find it back in the deck
so yeah i forced the card then i looked throught(sorry for bad spelling im french) the card and found his card and the guy said that the card was hotter then the other card because he touched it soo i just had to find the warmest card :p
Nov 24, 2007
Hermosillo Sonora
he wasnt upside down? xD wow well, there´s a lot of people out there who wants to be astonished.
so doesnt matter what they think ;D the important its to have a ****ing good time dog :D
remember: you dont create astonishment, you reveal it. Its their natural state of mind and yours.
Paul Harris rocks!
Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
One time I was in my theatre class and I was asked to do magic.
I had my loops on so I had someone from the crowd pick a card.
I made it rise from my palm to about 4 or 5 inches in the air.
And there was this one kid who insisted that I was using air pressure and all this other mumbo jumbo. Nobody really believed him since all my movements were slow.
I don't see how this is funny.

First of all, you should never call your audience stupid. If they did something during your show that irritated you then it is your fault not your spectators.
As they say: “The costumers are always right."

For example: I did an easy mind reading effect with marked cards that usually gets crazy reactions. While I was acting even though I already knew what the card was, I decided to spread the deck face up to add tension and also to show that all of the cards are different, but instead people came to me and said that they know how I did it and they were convinced that I eliminated all of the cards except their card in a few seconds which didn’t seem to impress them. Instead of doing something that I thought will add to the effect it raised speculations to how the trick was done. So I learned not to ever spread the cards face up during a mind reading effect unless I really need to, and it makes sense because why would you need to see the faces of the cards if you are truly reading their mind.

Instead of calling your spectators stupid you should analyze your show and see what you did wrong that caused them to arrive to what ever conclusion they arrived to.

Hope you consider this,

The Illusionist
Oct 9, 2008
dude that **** is so true i did tnr for my friends dad and he was liker *awww you just uses super glue* and im like wtf dude hell no but yea people are just weird they try to use reverse sicology to get you to tell them the secret
Its a sad day in magic (today) when people only try to beat the magician. I mean, when was the last time spectators just watched the trick? I have been doing magic for years and that's never happened once. People just dont like being fooled, and now, we have to worry about all this hiding of gimmicks and moves and such so much more than necessary because people try their best to "beat" you. There is just no sense to it. Magic needs a savior. lol. Oh well there was my rant. Now yours...

Aug 16, 2008
well my friends mom is super organic and this friend was showing a vid of her doing the group levitation and after proving the man is hard to lift she brought a "organic spray" and he had to be "hydrated" and sprayed him and then they lifted him and it was from the organic spray
Jun 10, 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne
This is not really an issue.

Some think it is (usually inexperienced performers), as they believe the 'funny' explanations are somehow detractory or derogatory toward the magic moment. The plain truth is, you've just shown someone something which (hopefully) has absolutely dumbfounded your spectator- I'd be more surprised, and a lot more upset if they were simply dismissive of the fact!

As an aside, I perform a pulse stop while having the spec drum her fingers on her thigh or a table, and I talk very clearly, naturally and eloquently, to disprove any theories of 'Breath-holding'.

Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Illusionist, your point is well taken - at the same time though, I mean, honestly. What do you do to guys who swear that David Blaine wasn't upside down? It was actually the rest of the world that was upside down. Sometimes, it really isn't us.
Illusionist, your point is well taken - at the same time though, I mean, honestly. What do you do to guys who swear that David Blaine wasn't upside down? It was actually the rest of the world that was upside down. Sometimes, it really isn't us.

Let me ask you this, what do you do to people that think that the video of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon for the first time was a Hollywood special effects video (If you didn't know there are people that think that).

You are right sometimes there is nothing you could do to people so skeptic you just let them believe what ever they want to believe but just consider what I said about your own personal shows.

-The Illusionist
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