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  1. I plan to get Genesis (1&2) and not sure yet to get the physical DVDs or the download. Usually I only buy physical DVDs but the customs here are a pain in the neck so I thinking about just downloading it. What would help me with my decision is, do DVDs have chapter selections for each flourish or so? Does it have a nice cover artwork? If so, than the custom-chaos would be worth it opposed to downloading ;) .
  2. i dont know
    i got it download
    you should care about the information inside not the out side
    BTW: buy vol. 1 this time
    it will last you a year of practice
  3. Yep, you're right, it's the inside what counts, I'm just a bit old-fashioned about all this modern digital download stuff ;) .
  4. I have both volumes on dvd. Sadly no fancy graphic books or anything like that. Just the dvd. The first Volume, everything can be played from start to finish OR by selecting a chapter you would wish to watch. Volume 2 doesn't have a "play all" feature, instead the main menu is just the chapter selection.
  5. OK, thanks! What a shame, I love fancy stuff (the Buck Twins DVDs are nice)! But whatever, after all it's the inside what counts, like Alaa said!
  6. Just to quickly chime in, I think the DVD+Download is really worth the extra few dollars, Genesis is such a large DVD that it's a pain in the butt to get to a specific move in the download - trust me! The DVD is nice with the chapter markers I think. Either way, they both get the job done. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, I decided for the DVDs - I even got them here in Europe, so I could avoid the customs-chaos. Now I just need to find some else stuff to spend my money here on T11 to bump up my Elite points, haha (but I'm pretty sure it won't be hard)!

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