Glitch by B. Smith - Sneak Peek

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by J. Miller, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Gotta admit, that's got me really intrigued. Looks really good. I'm gonna have to keep my eye on this one.
  2. F*ck off JM. That's AMAZING. Really got me on the coin to key.


  3. I remember when JM and B. Smith were doing this last year at the Battle of Magicians in Ohio. We were all three in the room and B. was changing a penny to dime using the same method.

    Wow...coin to key blows that away. Way to step it up guys. I like this a lot. Looks fantastic.
  4. That genuinely hurts my head.
  5. I hate you. All of you. ...With a passion. Seriously.

  6. OMFG! That is awesome.
  7. OMG This is finally being released?

    I remember seeing it through a webcam, looks awesome and I am sure its going to be awesome.
  8. Nice.

    Do you have a timeframe on when the site will be up Smooth?
  9. I don't reply to threads very often...

    but wow, very nice.
  10. We are in the FINAL stages of what is to be groundbreaking to say the least.
    We do not have an exact date but we can tell you very soon.
  11. Dam!
    That coin to key looked sick.
  12. Looking forward to it.
    I know between you and B. Smith its going to be interesting(or possibly troubling).

    Thanks for the update.
  13. that was sick! I am interested
  14. That looks so slick! I think it's one of those "Damn! why didn't I think of this!!" effects.

    Will probably be picking this up to look at the finer details.

    Great job!!

  15. For future reference (and as a reminder), note that advertising is not permitted in the forums. That said, this thread's gotten quite a number of responses - so I'll leave it open.

    The effect looks great Justin! B. is a G.
  16. Nice! It really looks great. A little bit see-through when looking at it with my magician's eye (only because I've seen that particular method used elsewhere--I can't remember where, but I've seen it used before), but to a spectator that would be marvelous! Adding a switch from a coin to a key was a nice idea. :)

    I'd be interested to see B's take on this method, such as the effects he uses it for, and his clean-up. Also his get-ready, as it'd be mighty ballsy to set yourself up for the effect right in front of the person (in a way that doesn't look obvious).

    Can't wait. :)
  17. I like that B is a G..
    Jon we really did not think it was advertising. We thought the forums would be a good place to get feedback. Sorry for the thread. If you want to take it down we are cool with that. We meant no disrespect to T11 and its members.
  18. What you have seen is not this I assure you and I know what you are thinking of because we have seen the same thing, I assure you its not what you think. And the set up is so practical you will bang your head on the counter.
    Wait till you see B. Smiths signed coin to shoe using GLITCH.
    B is a G...

  19. Holy s*** that was insane!

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