Hello from The Lone Star State

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amalge, May 24, 2009.

  1. TAOM sounds good Abe..

    As for my avatar.. yeah, that's H&R.. the sacred location. please don't tell the noobs about it.

  2. I thought the same thing.. till I moved to Vegas.

    Originally from Dallas area myself.
  3. No new york. I took a trip up there for a day with my family we almost crashed 126 times.

    I feel left out I'm from lonely old Maryland.
  4. :eek: sorry...:(
  5. H&R is a sacred location for only those who know how to find it.. LOL.. literally..

    It is hidden to the untrained mind and eye...

    cerca trova.. lmao

  6. WOW deep......:eek:
  7. G.P.(Gun Point) Texas over hurr.
    Thats wassup.

    But in all seriousness,Grand Prairie is where I reside.
    Living with the (ex)gangsters in my family for the first six years of my life hasnt worn of yet.
    Normally the language is more coarse and makes even less sense.
  8. I'm just glad that I'm not in Laredo.. lol
  9. I dunno. I think the problem is we GET everyone's bad drivers.. even people from NY.
  10. Dallas/Fort Worth here. And did we really need to let the cat out of the bag on H&R. Catch you guys at TAOM this year. PM if you wanna jam.
  11. :( Sorry man! I edited my post, you guys keep bringing it up.
  12. I'm from "Brown Town" if you know what that means.
  13. is that right? another person from the dirty south, on the boarder with Mexico?
  14. I'm from Toxic City.
  15. Hello there im from cali but unfortunatley im in maryland as well....haha....just curiuois, but being the pirate that i am i was curious if any marylanders here wanna by something from this site and split the shipping cost with me?

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