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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Hiukiny, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Hello,my name is Hiukiny ,i have been learning and performing magic for 2 and half year ,i am a member of a street /close-up magic group in Hong Kong . Do u guys creat some routine for your own? many of my coin routine base on Chris Kenner and Homer Liwag routine or their coin moves,i love their tricks very very much:)
  2. thats awsome that we have people here from different parts of the world proving that magic is truly universal.....i just ordered CoinOne from homer liwag and i cant wait to get it
  3. i am waiting for CoinTwo , i will order Coin1&2 once when the CoinTwo release :p
  4. wow i didnt even know that there was going to be a cointwo im excited for one though
  5. i sent an e-mail ask for Homer to sign on both DVD when i buy em'
  6. thats cool it will probably cost a bit more though
  7. Interesting title...
  8. homer is good kenners even better but Its weird that people always boast on kenner and mr.liwags coin routines.I purchased mr.kenners book totally out of control before it was reprinted and the coin routines I also was already doing this was disappointing and now that book sits on my shelf collecting dust.
  9. Same here, a magic hobbyist from Hong Kong.
    There has been alot of debate over theory 11, a great team of magicians here and it looks promising so far.
  10. Although some of the coin routines in Chris' book Totally Out of Control may read "okay", i've seen those exact routines fool very knowledgeable magicians many times. Also, remember, those routines are 25 years old. At the time, especially, they were very diabolical and caught many magicians off guard.

  11. I totally agree. Magic has evolved over the years, so of course what fooled people then is not going to fool people now.


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