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  1. Hello guys, i want to ask if someone knows some simple stage routines in 2 not like the box and that kind because my brother has an prom and he has a partner that doesn't have experience in magic and they have to do something for the talent part of the prom. Pls suggest something that is nit to see for the spectators and simple to do for them:).
    Any advice will be nice :)
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    I actually wrote down some real advice before I realized something. I really don't want to recommend material that is just going to be something to show off. If it seems like they aren't going to put some real performance behind it then I'll pass on giving advice on this one.

    Just check out magic websites if you really want. Nothing personal but I really do care who performs it, and if it's just another thing to show off and say "I'm cool I can make something levitate" or some nonsense I would rather not have a part in it.
  3. do a funny act. if that is their style.
  4. Why did you answer if you only criticize? I didn t asked for that i only want to help them because it s my brother and his friend and they asked me....
    So pls do not post if you are so rood.
    I opened this topic because i do not know stage magic and i wanted to now what to tell them .....
  5. You aren't doing any good if you are just allowing them to do tricks. I'm doing you a favor, especially if something botches it won't look to good on anybody.

    Just stick to something else, whether or not you believe me I am doing what is in your best interest. It's better to stick to something else, tell your brother and friend that. If you really wanna do something then go for D'lites. That's about all the product stuff I can recommend.

    I was not being rude, you are taking it far to personal.
  6. Agreed, 1000%
  7. That's one of the more interesting spellings of "rude" I've seen...
  8. The first thing that we should ask you if your brother actually does do stage magic or magic at all before this situation? Because then its understandable that he would ask you to ask us online. Not a big deal for whatever reason.
    But if not,then sherlock has all reason to say what he has said. and i agree with it
  9. no he doesn't do magic but, every time when i practice i go to him and ask if i do something wrong... so he is kind of an assistant for me... if this is what you asked
  10. If he doesn't do magic, stage illusion isn't the best place to start. Too many factors involved to make it seem effortless, and with 2 people it takes a lot of practice to get it right.

    If they really want to do magic, just browse through the stage section of some magic dealers.

    If he buys the props and uses them once, you can always take up stage magic after he does his thing.

    Good luck. I don't have a stage show so I can't tell you what would be best.
  11. Agreed. You can't just become a magician and have a stage show over night (or even in a month for that matter) so let him do his own talent as I don't think it is magic.
  12. My guess is that you won't be finding your answer here voll, because you aren't looking for the right one.

    Your brother doesn't do magic, instead he's the buddy who tells you when you flash. That's cool but it doesn't mean he can or should do magic, especially for a talent show. Obviously his talent is not magic so don't do it, otherwise it will come off forced, and unless your audience consists of middle schoolers who are amazed by even the smallest of things then your brother isn't going to go very far.

    I want to express my thoughts on this because you aren't doing yourself any good by just letting some guy with no real magic experience perform. Just suggest doing something else or stick with D'lites, because those are about as easy as can get.
  13. and also sherlock is doing your brother a favor.
    Because more than likely,he will fail. And end up embarassed. With so much material that one has never handled before and to approach a full crowd so soon..

    Its like reading an "improv for dummies" in only a few minutes and being thrown on stage right after.
    The results are evident.
  14. Agreed. Just starting out with a stage effect in front of a bunch of people? Recipe for disaster. Just please listen to sherlock, he knows what he's talking about. Your brother will probably just fail and embarrass himself in front of a lot of people. Do him a favor and convince him otherwise. We're just trying to help, don't take offence.
  15. no offense
    I got your point, thanks for sharing to all of you.

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