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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crissangelfan123, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. Like I said, buy the effect instead of trying to learn it from a kid with a webcam. The artist who spent years perfecting his effect will give you much more insight than a 10 year old with rich parents and a computer. :D
  2. He doesn;t have a show per sè, well he had one over here once but it wasn;t very popular. Deren Brown is a British mentalist who does stage shows a few times a year, not like Criss Angel's much more classy on a theatre stage. He has these stage shows recorded and then sells themn as DVD's I reccomend you look him up on youtube.
  3. I'm just glad I got to you before the real jackals in the community did. Tutorials and piracy are kind of a hot button issue right now and most people are taking very rigid black-and-white stances on it. It gets kind of ugly.

    Alright then. The keystone of all my advice is going to go back to two hugely important words: stay connected. I first heard these words from a mentalist named Bob Cassidy in his book Fundamentals. Since then, they have been repeated to me by my mentors every time I speak with them.

    What this means is that to be a great magician, you need to connect with your audiences as people. You need to present yourself to them in an appealing way and you need to listen to them.

    I've seen way too many magicians who make it all about them. They may as well just tape a mirror to their audience's faces. Do not make that mistake. Figure out who you want to perform for, find those people, and find out what commonalities you have with them so that you can do a show that they would want to see and that you would enjoy performing.

    Go right ahead.
  4. Than you obviously don't know.... MCGRUBER!!!

  5. HAHAHA!! I LOVED that! I will save this man's life.... after a quick pepsi break!
  6. Okay thanks. I geuss it makes sense. Maybe I will buy a trick then.
  7. Thats a great start for me. Thanks a bunch! I look forward to more knowledge from you!
  8. You will get MUCH more out of the trick when you buy it. Believe me if you try to learn an effect from a tutorial then try to learn it from the artist on the DVD or book or even a PDF file you will realize why you should ALWAYS buy the effects.
  9. Thanks, I didn't know revealing was bad.
  10. And for goodness sake can a mod change his user name??

    Just tryin to help you out kid ;)

  11. A titch judgmental, wouldn't you say? Would it not be better to encourage literacy?
  12. You're going to learn this at some point, so heed these words

    Criss Angel is a worse magician than about 65% of the people on these forums.


    P.S. You'll also learn that Steerpike is the man. End of story.
  13. Why do you not like Criss Angel????
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