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  1. recording, writing music. i am a musicain before magician - sorry - i play guitar, bass, drums , piano, clarinet, french horn, banjo - just learning - so on. i also do parkour, skateboard, make videos not just magic umm thats all from the top of my head.
  2. Beside magic (18 years)
    Play guitar and bass guitar (24 years)
    Play poker (This is like my part time job now a days)
    Making poker tables

    Plus I'm getting ready to start making something everyone here might be interested in. Keep an eye on my site Taco's Poker Knights
  3. football
    game cube
    listening to music
    making funny vid's for youtube
    rubiks cube
    and of course
  4. Basketball( on jv team) Actually got a game tommmorow too... woohoo
  5. guitar
    table tennis.
  6. nothing beats magic and/or flourishing for me. I would say i like watching movies but even then i have a deck of cards at hand
  7. Activities:
    - Magic
    - Mentalism
    - Muay Thai kickboxing
    - Skiing
    - Singing
    - Dancing
    - Horizontal dancing
    - Cooking

    - Mixed Martial Arts: UFC, PRIDE, K-1
    - Psychology
    - NLP
    - Bboy
    - Parkour Free Running
    - Nature/Wildlife and Science
  8. I've been playing flute and piano for 11+ years. I've also heavily involved in martial arts for about a decade now - specifically taekwondo and MMA. Other mild interests include carnivorous plants and gaming, although I prefer to be out of the house on my good two legs.

    Oh yeah, and cards. :D
  9. I'm also surprised at the number of people on this site that do some form of music and/or martial arts - maybe we should host a Theory11 tournament :D
  10. I make animations. Link in my signature.

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