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  1. Hey there, kinda new to the forums (well I visit it occasionally but never created an account;)), my name's Wen Xuan (nop, no english name. Kinda hard to pronounce for the non-madarin :p) and I'm a flourisher; no magic for me sadly. Been flourishing for about a year now, and a while ago I decided to make my first original concept and cut. It took me a while because of stuff like giving up quite a few times, lack of time and stuff. But recently I finished it, so now it's here. :)

    I call it Hover.


    Revolution Cut - Brian Tudor
    Sybil - Chris Kenner
    Hover Cut - Wen Xuan
    Hover Shot/Hover Propel - Wen Xuan
    I Miss You - Blink 182

    Hope you enjoy it :D
    P.S you can find a lil more detail about how I came into flourishing and stuff I went through when creating this cut/concept on the video details
  2. wowwwwwww niceeeeeeeee!

    and im from rp as well xD

    just not from magic ig, although ive a very strong interest in magic hahahaha =x
  3. interesting ideas. you should session with the saturday people. unofficially known now as The Rojak. Or Vitasoy if you ask Leon.
  4. Hello there,

    Criticism on the opener- Seems a bit unnatural to get a small packet and place it directly to your finger? maybe you should incorporate a packet spin (ala molecule?) for the opener.

    The same goes for the ending, i wasnt too fond of just dropping the card at the end. Spin it a bit, cause it seems to be the theme of your flourish.

    The Main part of your flourish was beautiful though. Much respect.

    also, Hover propel is a nice concept. Try doing a Revolution cut before the actual propelling manuever.
  5. Thanks, criticisms noted ;)
  6. That was pretty badass my friend! That was like Akira on steriods.

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