How do you create a card trick?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Gary T., Jan 2, 2010.

  1. There is no set rules.

    There are a lot of guidelines, but don't let even those hold you back.

    Do whatever you want, go crazy and think of ways to accomplish a goal. Take note, that's actually write down and draw/photograph/video everything, and then see if any of the ideas are worth pursuing further.
  2. Well even if its not out to be marketed its always a decent idea to do one that hasnt been made yet. or made popular. Well for me i do it to a effect to fool magicians. thats the main reason i would say to have it original.
  3. Fair enough. To each his own, I suppose.
  4. A few things I like to do:

    -Go through an old craft box or knic knac (sp?) drawer and examine some random items. Think about how they function, what purpose they serve, et cetera. Break down an item in your mind and think about how it could operate in a card trick, or just use its properties to inspire a method or gimmick.
    -Take a classic plot (Hifzinser Aces, Ace Assembly, triumph, ACR, etc.) adn see how much you can distort it, change one component and see where that leads you, change another and another and another until you have a totally new plot.
    -Watch and practice coin magic. Sounds strange to do for a card trick but it works. Coin magic is far more bold than most card magic. If we can incorporate coin magic theory and thinking into cards we could take it to a pretty new, and modern place.

    a few ideas for ya.
  5. Keep a deck in your hands for as much time as possible without hindering your sex life.

    Chris Brown
  6. I think you have to decide whether you are coming up with a new METHOD or a new EFFECT.

    People put to much emphasis on not using already existing ideas/moves these days, going so far as assuming they if they use an Elmsley Count or Marlo Tilt then the trick they have come up with is not original. Sleights are just tools, its the effect that's important, so don't think you have to come up with a new sleight in order to claim your trick is original.

    A painter wouldn't assume his painting wasn't an orginal just because someone else made the paints and paintbrushes, so don't assume you need new sleights to make new effects. Just take a bunch of sleights (or indeed gimmicks) that can be combined into a nice trick/routine that flows and looks magical.

    Also, don't try to hard. I always wanted to come up with something original and never could so gave up. Then, whilst in the bath one night, an idea just randomly popped into my head. I tried it and posted a video online and asked a few (very experienced) magicians what they thought. None had seen a routine like it before and I got a lot of compliments, some one even said it was like the sort of thing Paul Harris would come up with! And if that's not a compliment then I don't know what is!

  7. Hey man.
    All I can say is what I did really worked for me. First take a classic in magic that magicians have been doing for a long time, for example Hofsinzer's ace problem. Lots of people have their own version of this trick. Once you make a trick like this, it will help you understand how making a trick works, and then it will be easier to make your own tricks.After you have this down, you need to start deciding what you want, for example, go be categories. Start by saying something like "I'm going to make a sandwhich trick," then continue down until you have a clear picture of what you want it to look like. And believe it or not, creating a method is always the easiest part.
  8. Hi, i want to now if i created trick but the end of the trick is the same it can be like my created trick or not?
  9. Well I suppose that if it's just for your personal use, and the method is original to you, then yes. That is fair enough. If you tried to sell this, however, there would be issues, and you would have to contact the original creator of the effect and ask for permission.
  10. Thx And finally i got idea for my original trick woohoo! now i need practice:rolleyes::)
  11. Same with me. About a week ago I was just playing around with my cards and this idea came to me. I went with it and now its a great effect.

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