How is the finish applied to the cards?

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  1. Hey Everyone,
    I've been wondering about this for years. It might be a trade secret for uspcc but I just wanted an overall idea. How is the finish applied to the playing cards? Do you think they are sheet-fed and sprayed on or some kind of other method? This has nothing to do with making my patter better or anything like that. I just want to know because playing cards are a huge hobby of mine much like everyone here. I think it would be pretty interesting to know.

    Sean Whelan
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  2. It depends on the company. I believe most finishes are applied while still on the sheet but I can't say for sure. Most are spray coats but some, such as Fournier and Piatnik are "Varnishes."
  3. Technically speaking, the finish of a playing card has nothing to do with the chemical coatings applied to the paper. The finish is the embossing pattern that's pressed into the paper. The chemicals applied to the paper are proprietary, but are essentially printers varnishes that have existed for years.


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