How many decks do YOU have?

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    This post is for personal history reference:


    Bicycle Rider Back Red (2)
    Bicycle Ghost Deck
    Bicycle Ghost Gaff Deck
    Bicycle Gold and Silver Prestige Decks
  2. Roughly 50.
  3. My collection od decks

    I have used ridiculous amounts of decks in my lifetime way to many to even contemplate. I have a collection of 48 different uncanceled casino decks and a another 114 decks from all sorts of things.


  4. I have around 470, I believe im glad I have aot of cupboard space.

  5. about 60ish collector decks ei ghost, guardian wynns....

    and like 20 regular and gaffish decks.
  6. I have around 80 unopened Bikes right now, and then of course some gaffs, etc.

  7. I'm not sure, I cannot recall the exact number but I do know that I have about 630; about 30 of those are opened/used decks.


  8. Woah man, thats a lot of decks. I probably have around 150 decks, 20 being opened/used
  9. I stopped counting at 195 but I had a couple of bricks to go plus some stragglers. I will guess roughly 225+.
  10. how embarassing... i have 6.... no joke, ive got a ghost thats being left as a 'bound' box deck, with a box of sh!tty cards, and a pack of red bikes that has about 20/30 cards in, and its my 'TORN' practice deck... :D
    and the 6 i can use are:
    --a new-ish ghost, still nice
    --crappy ghost, months old
    --alright blue bike
    --2 red tally ho circle backs, 1 opened and still nice
    --1 circle back blue tally ho deck...

    :eek: oh the shame, though i have a deck of tallys on order... :p

    ive never seen why people have so many cards, this is all ive got and ive been in this art since october last year... :)
  11. ABout 400 or 500 .
  12. maybe like 75.
  13. I stopped keeping track at about 80 or 85 at around August! So I'd say I have 120 or so!
  14. Around 4300



    I have around 90 Decks
  15. Just bought some stuff at eBay. My new total will be 21 + apr. 4 non-brand decks = 25 decks total. Here's my new full collection of regular, custom and trick decks:

    - Bicycle 808 rider back x2
    - Bicycle 808 league back x2
    - Bicycle 88 (Jumbo index) x4
    - Bicycle 535 (Tactical field) x2
    - Bicycle Tragic Royalty
    - Bicycle Masters edition x2
    - Bicycle Shadow Masters
    - Bicycle Black Tiger (red pips)
    - Tally-Ho 9 Fan back
    - Wynn Casino Cards x2
    - Bicycle Stripper deck
    - Bicycle Mental photo deck
    - Bicycle Brainwave deck

    PS: Planning to buy some more Tally's soon... :)
  16. umm i have maybe about 25ish
  17. 3 red master
    3 blue masters
    1 shadow master
    2 black tigers
    2 ghosts
    1 ghost gaff
    1 black tiger gaff
    1 red gaff
    1 brown wynn
    1 bicycle blue stripper
    1 bicycle red svengali
    1 bicycle blue invisible
    1 bicycle metallic (some deck I got from walmart)

    Bought alot from E but now I regret doing so, wish I just bought some tallys and regular bikes but where most end up I ended up at E at the beginning and went crazy.
  18. I have around 91 decks , includng 2 black ghosts and a signed David Blaine deck . I plan on ordering 3 wynns, 3 centurions, 3 guardians, 6 black ghosts , ultragaff deck, and splitspades decks...
  19. - regular blue bike.
    - ghost deck
    - ghost gaff deck
    - ghost force deck

    I get some cards very soon
  20. i have,
    16 blue wynns
    4 red wynns
    6 brown wynns
    6 blue bicycles
    6 red bikes
    1 golden nugget
    3 red masters
    3 blue masters
    7 ghosts
    7 shadow masters
    2 black tigers
    3 gaurdians
    2 centurians
    2 red gaffs one unopened[from promo]
    1 blue gaff
    1 tiger gaff
    1 ghost gaff
    1 ghost rising deck
    2 invisible decks
    2 swengali decks
    1 stripper deck
    plus some cheesy ones in total 76 decks.
    wow way more than i thought!

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