How often do you drop cards while practicing flourishing?

Jun 8, 2008
I'm starting to get a little better with some of the basic flourishes, I'm working on Sybil right now.

I must say i can do stuff smooth a few times then I drop the cards. Its frustrating I feel like I'm not getting any better with some of this stuff. When i think i get it I get all excited and show a friend, then i drop the cards all over the place.

Is there a point where IL stop dropping them ?

How often do you guys practice this stuff ?


Jan 6, 2008
there is always a point with every flourish where you stop dropping cards, it just differs with each flourish...

perserverance is the key, working hard and getting the muscles in your fingers used to holding the packets in each cut...

oh and performing for people always results in dropping cards, your hands will start to shake from a mix of addrenaline/fear and its inevitable, so be ready to make a few mistakes in front of people from time to time...
May 1, 2008
Montreal, Canada

Everyone has a time where they drop cards i actually learned the sybil in my thrid week of flourishing took me two weeks to perfect it but smooth ever since when i was practicing it most of time 1/5 i'd drop my cards just practice hard for awhile like after you got it perfect do it 5 mins aday minimum and it'll stay strong but droping cards when learning is normal.

When i started springing that's a different story i dropped cards everytime for about a month but it's pro now have fun and practice!

Jun 8, 2008
Yeah I noticed the flourishing thread right after I wrote this. Sorry

Thanks for the help everyone
Sep 3, 2007
I drop cards like once a minute... at least when I'm learning the flourish. But I'm a noob to flourishing, so it may vary from person to person.
Aug 31, 2007
Hartford, CT

The cards AREN"T supposed to drop all over the place??!?!?!??!

......I've been doing it wrong all this time!!! Sheesh!!!!!

Even when you're awesome you'll still drop cards, just not as often, you everntually reach a stage where if you keep things controlled you'll never drop cards. I only really drop cards when I'm trying to go too fast, being a retard, or doing arials and such that you can never get passed 99.99999% it seems :(
Sep 17, 2007
The last time I climbed to the top tower of a structure in the playground (bout 1.5 stories high) and attempted to spring a deck of cards to my friend on ground level. The wind was relatively strong, the cards were Guardians in relatively good condition, my long distance spring skill is perfect enough for me to do a overhead spring. Oh did I mention that I held my hand outstretched, ensured that I gripped the card properly, applied even pressure and kept my eyes on the cards at all times.

Long story cut short - The cards went all over the place
Longer story cut short - We're starting to do that more often
If the cards are not going everywhere, then your not challenging yourself.

This statement is true. I have been doing flourishes for over 4 years and I still drop tons of cards all the when im performing for people I almost NEVER drop cards because I know how to control them and be safe.
Practice/Train HARD and you will succeed at flourishing.
Okay, well I am basically new to flourishing myself and let me tell you that everyone drops cards their first time. so use a junky deck to practice and practice over a carpet or card mat as to avoid any grit being picked up by the card when dropped.

Now, eventually you will get to a point where you'll stop dropping the cards. If you have really been practicing and you are still dropping them, then slow down your speed. I will remind you of a quote my hockey coach told us over and over again: " Practice only as fast as you can go, while maintaining control. Focus only on control and speed will come later."
I feel that that is great advice. If you have further questions about this or are unsure of what my quote means then simply PM me.

Dylan P.
Whe you first start out and you drop a card you feel foolish, but the more often you do it you just get used to it, I mean anyone that laughs at you, I'd like to see them do any better, I just pick em up and go "and then you drop the cards..." or something stupid :)
Feb 23, 2008
I started learning Pandora today. It's time to move on from Genesis. Genesis is easy now, I can't do it fast, but I feel like I need to learn something new.

I'm only working on the first part, and it isn't pretty.

Packets don't stay packets, cards falling like it's raining.

It can get really aggravating, but the more you practice, the more your hands learn.
Sep 1, 2007
San Francisco, CA
More often than I'd like to. I usually blame the floor. I swear, it's made of some cardboard-attracting magnetic material.


Agreed. But it's perfectly natural to drop cards while practicing. Everybody does it. Eventually you'll reach a point where you can do a flourish consistently for a long time, but there is always a time where the cards can and will drop. Just get over it.

I look at it as a pro. When I drop cards, my brother gets to play 52 pickup!



Elite Member
Sep 2, 2007
Las Vegas
Don't forget, dropping cards can be played to your own's all what you make of it.

Depending on your own style, you can make it something funny, or you can make it something badass...but if you attempt that one you better make sure to nail it!

-Andrei Jikh
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