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  1. Hi, everyone. Just a question, is there any reference about returning a deck of cards to its original order routine or sleights of hand? I am trying to put it as an ending. Some small adjustments between each phases of the routine so gradually I could rearrange the entire deck without audience actually noticing it. I vaguely recall that Lennart Green might have a method, but I can't remember the what exactly it is. So can anyone tell me where I could looks up any information about this? And eight times perfect shuffle is not gonna work...Thanks for the help. Also, forgive my about bad English.
  2. I believe someone once told me that if you put a deck in Si Stebbins stack, and then do 3 perfect farrow shuffles it will go back to new deck order but I've never had the time or energy to sit and try it.
  3. You could always do a deck switch, but that's the hard way to do it. There is also, depending on your routine, using false shuffles to prevent the order from ever getting messed up. If you're doing a Triumph, you could change it to be like Oz Pearlman's Emerge Triumphant, where the deck ends up in "new deck order" at the end of the trick.

    I've also seen a friend prepare for Out of this World by doing a Sloppy Shuffle Triumph. I wonder if you could use a similar technique to get the deck back in original order. Other than that, the only other way I can think of to do this would be a cull, and I'm no good at culling, so for me that's entirely out of the question.

    What tricks are you doing to lead up to this ending? Knowing that will help us because we will know if it's possible to retain the order of the cards through whatever tricks are being done.
  4. Ha, interesting. I should give that some thoughts. That might be the way out. thanks
  5. Deck switch works out for most of the situation, though I really want to leave an impression that a "messy" deck just return to its original order, but things about Triumph definitely worth to check out. I am thinking about the last trick would be the burglar effect, so it leaves the room for adjusting the deck. I only starts practice magic about one and a half years ago, and things gets a little bit messy. So I try to sit down, and really go over the techniques and tricks that I learned, combine them to an entire routine with a theme that connects all the tricks. Thanks for the idea!
  6. the best and easiest way is to do a bunch of false shuffles.
  7. I know lennart green has a method called color separation, but it lets you separate the blacks and reds. Then all the suits, but they are not in order. Plus the move is a little ... lennart green-ish... so It looks messy and I can't seem to make it look right for me.

    The book Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz has a full stack that allows u to get the stack from a new deck order, do a bunch of tricks and get the deck back into new deck order and reveal as a very strong finisher. He also has different ways to get the deck into the stack after it being shuffled and stuff but I have not looked into that too much. But once you are in the stack it is easy to get it into new deck order.

    I am going to warn you Mnemonica is no picnic it has a lot of info in it and is for people who know their stuff. I would recommend knowing how to do a perfect faro shuffle sense it makes the stack and everything else a lot easier but it is not necessary Juan Tamariz has a different way without faros but you will need a table for that.

    It is a great book so if you are interested in that kind of thing PLEASE get the book you won't regret it.

    *Edit* Lennart green does have a lot of great false shuffles which you might need for the stack too. The good part if you were interested in the book I could help you with i anyway I can... Good Luck
  8. I think I will definitely check out the book. I'm fine with the perfect shuffles. And thanks for bringing up the color separation, that is what I am thinking about. A friend of mine use to have Lennart's green magic collection, and I recall see something about separation and order. Indeed it is very green-ish.But the concept worth to check out. He does have a lot nice false shuffles, and I've been practice them for a while. My favorite false shuffles from him is the circulation shuffle.
  9. problem with the false shuffles is that than the audience can't see the deck through the routine, therefore they won't have a strong impression that the deck is in mixed order. So...
  10. Shoot Ogawa has work on this. In his "Busters" DVD series, on the 3rd disk, the Japanese magic club which he is a part of has competitions, one of which is to see how fast they can sort a deck into new deck order. If I remember correctly, one member can sort a shuffled deck to new deck order in under 40 seconds.
  11. Mnemonica has the color separation in it. I found it in there the other day. The stack makes the deck looked mixed but I do understand what you are saying. Juan Tamariz does have a little section in the book that will make the deck look mixed... plus antifaros can also make the deck look mixed very well.

    So if you wanted to perform tricks with a actual mixed deck and then have it end in original order the only thing I can think of is to get the deck into the stack from a mixed pack which is explained but I have no read that part yet so I don't know how practical it is, But Tamariz explains that he does it. Once that is done the stack can be put into new deck order... two different ways, Either like a rummy demonstration that is easy and shows the cards will mixed at first, Or there is the normal way. These are very easy once the deck is in the stack, so you really don't have to learn a whole stack if that was not your interest!

    I have had the same thoughts you did but found some tricks in the stack I couldn't pass up so I decided to work on it! I will keep my eye out if I find any other ways of doing it, that doesn't involve a deck switch, Which is in the book too lol.

    -William McKeehan
  12. if you show just a packet of cards, say 15, mixed it may work. You keep the deck in new deck order and have a short card at the top. Then you use a random set of 10 or 15 cards for the trick. At the end of the effect find the short card and palm off the random cards.
  13. Possibly the easiest, but there is no best.

    Guy Hollingworth has a gambling routine, in drawingroom deceptions, which shows the deck completely mixed numerous times, then ends with it in new deck order. It's relatively easy too, depending on your level.
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  15. Either Lennart Green or Helder Guimaraes, or Dani DaOrtiz had a routine with similar idea. But I was thinking at the very beginning of the routine, the audience will shuffle the deck. Than from that point, I do some small adjustment after every phases of the tricks. So thinks for the idea, but I would say color separation and ideas from Mnemonic would be my way out.
  16. Thanks a lot, man. I just started to go over the book and hope everything works out well
  17. well.. But I don't think that I am able to watch that...
  18. hope it works out! If you figure out anything to do with it I would love to see it! Once I get a little routine together I might tape it and let you see how the effects in the book could look like!
  19. No problem.
  20. The Big Deal by Josh Jay

    This isn't exactly what you are looking for but, considering the skill level you claim to be at, This is where I recommend you start. It does not return the deck to new deck order bot instead reveals a black jack hand, a poker hand, and a bridge hand along with a chosen card. It does not require an entirely stacked deck(less than half) which gives you the freedom to use the rest of the deck in other effects and to show a mixed up deck throughout your routine.

    Like I said, not what you are looking for but from reading this thread I get the impression that you may need to "baby step" your way to your goal. I got this years ago and as my skill level has grown I have never out grown this effect. I simply find better and better ways to present it.

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