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    Hi, I entered a competition for a chance to win £250,000 and a professional video made and have got into the top 12 and it's the last stage if the competition (Finals). I'd very much appreciate it if you could click the link below, watch the video and just give a thumbs up . You can vote once a day so once again I'd REALLY, REALLY appreciate it if you could favourite the link and vote once a day. Thank you to everybody who helps me out I appreciate it so much.

    *EDIT* Mat picked up on not being able to vote, in order to vote click the play button on the video and in the bottom right hand corner of the screen it'll come up with a thumbs up picture, click that and you're done :)

    I thought I'd leave this part out of the post but I'll say it anyway as I know 'magicians/flourishers' alike are going to pick up on it - heck, even I did.
    I wasn't expecting to get into the finals as I knew the quality of the performance wasn't very good at all so left the website and didn't check it for the next 3 months (the time the comp was running), I checked my emails and it said about me being in the finals and I was totally shocked, mainly due to the fact I NEVER thought it'd make it. I figured, the reason being as to why I got so far is because the people voting were the general public not magicians so to them it was entertaining....
    I appreciate the criticism though anyway, I never bother with flourishing as I'm a magician not a flourisher but wanted to show the public a new type of art as it's been quite tightly bound to just magicians unless you know what you're looking for. I'd like to become as successful at flourishing as I have become at magic, I've made a career out of magic with an established business now that has been running for the last year and a half now so am hoping to keep my performances fresh by incorporating flourishing into it...
  2. People post these things asking for others to help vote for them all the time, but half the time the links provided do not take you to a voting page (such as this case--it's just a link to a video and comment page), and the person posting gives no instruction on how to go about voting.

    Don't expect people who don't know you to spend their time going out of their way to figure out how to help you. Make it easy for us to help you, not difficult. Provide a link and/or clear instructions.

    With that said, good luck to you, man. Put up a link on how to vote and/or explain it clearly and I'll be happy to put in a vote you.
  3. You just gotta keep watchin the vid, and there's a thumbs up/down little thing that pops up on the video itself
    In the corner of the video, it says "click here to vote" or something along those lines

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