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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChrisCardMagica, Feb 21, 2014.

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  1. Hello guys!

    I'm am ready to build my own impossible bottle this weekend, I have a method of doing this , but if some of you can maybe suggest a tutorial or guide to building one! I am using a ordinary Bicycle deck as well as a Snapple bottle !

  2. me crazy, but you stated that you have a method...correct? But then you turn around and contradict your statement by asking for a tutorial? I don't think many members are going to be willing to help you out on that one.
  3. My suggestion is to use the method you think you worked out and see if it works.

    Is a Snapple bottle big enough on the inside? I haven't held one in a long time but I think it's too narrow.
  4. Rick Everhart , yes I do have a method but I would like to see what other members has as a method to finalize my mine , like joint to ideas into one. I know it is basically the same method , but just maybe other members does something other than I do. I am going to get it done today and post some photos to this thread
  5. They're all fundamentally the same, who cares if you wrap a rubber band around the pencil or not..
  6. I really hope English isn't your primary language. . you seriously tortured things in this post by using the wrong words in the wrong places; it makes it difficult for intelligent folks to decipher what you're actually getting at.

    Like others, I think you're fishing for insight on an existing effect that isn't yours. I'd say that it would be wiser for you to buy the trick or else get in touch with the originator and share your thinking with him. You will certainly get further with things if you took that path.
  7. Craig - He's talking about an object, not a trick. A full deck in a milk bottle with a mouth that's too small to admit the deck. Like Jamie Grant's Anything Is Possible Bottle.
  8. I realize that, Christopher I was going on about his terrible grammar. . . but when it comes to the item, it seems he's fishing for information so he can do things on the cheap.
  9. I wouldn't help him on principle that the impossible bottle is Jamie's thing. I know he's said time and time again that he's cool with others making these bottles but I personally wouldn't support it. Then again Jamie is just that kind of an awesome guy.

    You're on your own kind. Good luck.
  10. There are lots of places to learn a deck in bottle. Jamie's bottles are exquisite and flawless. No one is going to get that level by doing their own. Not to mention, they won't get the intact cellophane as well.
  11. I would love to make one myself just for my own challenge but wouldn't even know where to start, to me it is an impossible object, and is something incredible.

    I've heard that there is a method for it in Paul Harris' work but I could be completely wrong.

  12. That there is, vol. 2 I think.
  13. Well I appreciate everybody's replies! I'm sorry for my terrible grammar and placing of words, English is not my primary language , Afrikaans is.

    Well I made my first bottle and it went quite well. After a couple of hours I finished with the seal on the flap , closed but no cellophane. I think it is a great for a first and I encourage all to try it! Good luck!

  14. Looks pretty good! Nicely done.
  15. Great work!! which bottle you end up using?
  16. I actually used a Snapple bottle , it fits quite well and depending on how you got it in will depend on how tight it is !
    Glad to help!
  17. Sure Jamie makes them, but they arent "his thing" he didnt create it, nor was he the very first to do it. Impossible bottles have been around for a seriously long time. My grandfather, before he passed, gave me one that was his fathers. It's an old deck in a milk bottle that was actually used for milk at one point. The concept is old AF. Jamie just marketed it with a hyped deck for profit. There are quite a few people out there making, and selling, these. The fact that you dont want to help someone else grow, and creat something for themselves is just you being a jerk. But that's my opinion, and your prerogative. Maybe the kid wants to make one out of a deck that he cant buy already done. Gotta test it out on some bicycles first- before you mess up/ruin a pricier deck.
  18. No thread bumping. This one was dead for 5 years. If you want to talk about the same subject, feel free to create a new thread.


    // L
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