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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crimson Ace, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys. For a little while now i've switched back to using standard bikes only cause I got tired of waiting for stuff to get shipped to my house. But I dont like the finish and they die way to fast. So basically I need to start buying new decks of cards. And before I start buying anything I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on a long lasting deck. One that can take a little abuse. Cause i'm always handling my cards. It's kind of a relaxation technique for me. lol
  2. you want cards that last try these.. they are good for cardistry and last: split spades david blaine,bicycle master edition and sentinels.
  3. I agree. I had these cards for about 3 months and they were like new the whole time. Unfortunately I missplaced them so I'll have to go back to the shop and pick up some more. Great cards.
  4. I dont think you can find in to many places but smoke and mirrors v2 are great, and TALLY HO PLAYING CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they last forever sense the plant moved idk if there that good look for the blue seal ones
  5. The Tally's here are great and last me a while. I always have a deck on me for when my hands are idle. I also recommend the bicycle masters from Ellusionist. Both are reasonably priced and readily available.
  6. I find the Sentinels deck to last pretty long. It retains good shape and the finish stays smooth for an impressive period of time, just remember to wash your hands :D
  7. As far as I know, tally-ho has a very good finish while the price is reasonable,you can do with it for much long time than the standard bicycle.
  8. Try finding Fournier or Piatniks. I prefer the Fourniers because they are a bit thinner and it is nice to hve a thinner deck when the cards are that stiff. If you insist on sticking with USPCC I would second the Bike masters but the problem is that if you find a genuine UV500 stock then you are handling a potential collectors item since the stock was discontinued. I would also recommend the Bulldog Squeezers. They have the same, or at least really similar, stock as the Tally-Ho but they seem to be printed with a bit more care that translates into a longer life.
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    I would buy some packs of cheap standard bikes.
    Bicycle Masters ? They say they last up to 7 times longer than a standard deck. That´s complete and utter bull**** (even more when you´re constantly handling the cards) and the typical marketing blah-blah. Under absolutely NO conditions do they last 7 times as long as a standard deck that is equally handled.
    They only last a bit longer than a standard deck due to the increased thickness of the cards, but are double (or more) the price.
    Fourniers 505 are the only cards I´ve ever used that really last noticeably longer (I think because they´re more stiff and plastic coated), but the finish isn´t everybody`s taste.
  10. the decks that actually has lasted more than any "durable" deck is the bee stingers...they still fan great! and I do magic and flourishes with them even when I bought them when they came out...
  11. Stingers....any Bee for that matter....are great provided you don't live in a real humid climate. It also depends on on what factor usually causes you to "retire" a deck. Some decks get clumpy fans. Some decks lose their "snap" and get really soft. What makes you decide to toss a deck? If you let me know that I might be able to offer you a better suggestion.
  12. I'm going to have to say the deck that has blown all others out of the water for me is the Split Spades Lion Decks. Second would be E's Ghost Deck and Master's Bicycles.

    I'm currently testing a deck of Deck One and Sents.
  13. For me, Aladdins and Studs do the trick. They are both very durable, and retain their fanning ability for quite some time.
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    I had good luck with Bee Stingers. They lasted me for quite a while. Tally-Hos are great cards too.

    I don't know anything about Aladdins, but Studs are wonderful cards, highly recommended.
  15. masters and ghosts :). I am yet to test my sentinels, guardians, and bee stingers to see if they can surpass my other decks.
  16. Yeah I still play with my pack every now and then. They def. last. But I have to find somewhere that they are in stock though.
  17. I usually stop using a deck when it starts to make clumpy fans. Or if the cards are no longer uniform in the sense that they are bent every which way. But as far as climat. I'm in New York so it cold as heck right now. Which is also another problem I seem to be facing with my cards.
  18. I feel the same way. my Split Spades are my favorite deck. They last a long time and the design looks amazing. I just picked up a deck one deck and it handles pretty well. It doesn't seem to last though. At least not for me anyways. I had the same problem with the Sents.. After a few days they got really stiff and I had to apply a lot of force to perform mostly everything.

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