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  1. This one blew me away! Right now I am wondering if it is ready for "the streets"?
  2. I hope the impromptu baby is good. However, I have a feeling the gimmicked baby would be easier to perform with. I'm not sure which version I'll use. I'm gonna wait for the DVD to come out first. This is a breakthrough in magic.

  3. I wonder if the DVD will cover how to make your own baby?
  4. Awesomeness!!!
  5. I'm not sure if this is exposure or not but it was camera tricks, you know. It involves some girl dressed like a guy sitting still for nine months straight and then the film being sped up into a few minutes. Obvious.

    Though this trick would routine nicely with the age old condom vanish...
  6. Well, that's one hell of a souvenir.
  7. i wondered why i noticed the 'vanish' part of the paper.
  8. The bad false transfer looked like misdirection for the final load. Actually I've seen this one, the kicker is that the final load is found after the magician is long gone!

    I could see discount packages for this. Babies that can perform wounded, or Fall etc.
  9. Is that the crocodile found hidden in their boot? I didn't see that one coming when someone showed me this trick...
  10. This was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I really thought that it was real until all of a sudden he sees the baby inside of his jacket. I laughed for ever. Anyway, nice video and thank you for sharing.

    (To anyone who thought this was real: IT'S A JOKE!!!!)

    Dylan P.
  11. Everyone is always soooo critical! We give you something amazing, and you goofs think it gives you license to hyper-analyze every aspect of the effect possible. Take it for what it is. The baby is real, so the effect must be also. Shaun Dunn, is not however, real... he is a computer.

    PCP Senior Staff
  12. Haha. That was hilarious. I actually thought it was for real until the end.
  13. I don't believe it. I had the strong feeling that the baby was a stooge.
  14. Well this is an all new principle in magic. The 12th theory. We are all very curious about it. I think we all have a right to ask questions.

  15. Look at the signature on the baby - That's the first clue... ;)

  16. I love how he just runs away at the end... funny stuff
  17. That doesn't help... What's funny is that the moment I get this and the trick is explained, I'll slap myself in the face and say "Ohhh... That's how its done!" I just have a feeling its one of those obvious methods.

  18. infant

    omg guys have you seen the new effect from magicbox 'infant' it amazing i watched like 50 times i just haven't figured out how it is done its mindblowing!

    the only thing is the 1500 pound price tag is a bit steep for me but the material you get is worth 10 times as much

    this is the best trick of 2008 and maybe forever this is Graeme Shaw's best trick to date!!!!!!!!

    here is the link for everyone who is interested guys just watch the tralier

    have fun mAtt:D

  19. Dude it's all a joke. PaperCrane put out that trailer about a week ago as a gag. It's a big hint that you can't buy it from the site. Funny trailer though...
  20. Im glad that there has now been 10 threads on this.

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