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Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Oh uhh wow.

Well I won't comment on who the mod would be but I wouldn't oppose having a mod that could moderate at this sort of time. It's happened before, that during these times several trolls have begun appearing and posted and so forth. Granted though, these occurrences are few and far between, so I suppose it's up to T11 if they want another mod around - Michael Nasello does have a point also. I would also like to add though that honestly? Just don't post. Report the thread(s)/members, PM/email the mods, etc., but just don't post. I couldn't care less that we have a troll, I haven't bothered posting in any of those threads. Though again as I said, I wouldn't oppose being able to shut it down quicker - but at the end of the day, the topics will get locked and they'll disappear in a day onto the dreaded maw that is the second day of the forums.

Thanks for the guys that've expressed kind words - I do appreciate it very much.
I want to personally thank everyone who did report those threads and posts by the "Trolls". Right now Sinful is away on vacation and it is nearly 3 AM for Jack The Magician and I'm not sure what The Dark Angel has been up to.

I was spending the last 3 hours editing my +YOURSTUFF entry and when I took a break it seems all chaos had broken loose. It is hard for the 4 of us (and the artists) to keep a 24/7 watch on the forums, but we do try our best I promise you that. We spend numerous hours working on things and editing posts and threads and such, and all of it we do voluntarily. Yes, at times people will not always agree with us since each has their own opinion of things, but we try to make the best most fair assessment possible.

So, thank you for doing your part in helping out, and it seems we will have to possibly discuss this International MOD thing, since that was a hell of a lot of work to fix the "Troll" problem.

Oct 21, 2007
Bergen County, NJ, USA
I'm about to make a thread now on some stuff that I think needs to be addressed. Conversation on this topic can continue in that thread. It'll just be a few minutes as I type it up.



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Aug 5, 2007
I love this idea. today there was a thread were a guy was trying to get banned for 6 pages strait and it went on for ever 2 hours and nothing happened.
I would just like to add that things of this nature occur partially because everyone fails to report them. It's difficult to ban offending members when we are completely unaware of the situation - and equally as difficult to sift through each individual post in the forums on any given day.

Just a tip: I am usually watching over the forums more than any other moderator. If you PM one of the others, and they're not able to take care of the situation (which - at this point - is probably spiraling out of control) shoot me a PM directly. As previously stated, I'm in the forums every waking hour. It's kind of my job. ;)

Instead of adding another moderator (which we would never rule out), a quick note to my inbox directly could get the situation resolved in no time flat.
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