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  1. I recently bought an invisible deck, and was wondering if you guys have any ideas on using it. Besides the simple routine that comes with the deck, I cannot come up with any other ideas. ANy help would be appreciated.
  2. I always use this presentation, i dunno if that's the one that comes with the deck.
  3. I use a sort of mentalism type effect, where I ask them to visualise a deck of cards in their mind, take out a card and flip it over, then I take the real pack out and reveal their card. I have found that it works better than the routine that comes with most decks.

    Remember, an invisible deck is so simple, yet so effective, that it can be utilized into almost ANY routine, whether you are a mentalist, comedy magician, or a stage magician, an invisible deck can be made into anything you want.
  4. Invisible deck is a great deck! I always use it as a closer. I use the invisible deck with having someone call up anyone on their cell phone and have the other person on the other line to think of the card. The reactions are great!

    Here's an example:

  5. Wow, that just gave me an idea of a "who wants to be a millionaire?" routine. You give the person 3 lifelines: phone a friend, ask the audience, and 50: 50. If they choose "phone a friend", they call anyone they want on their phone, and tell that person to choose a card, just like you did. If they choose "ask the audience" then they choose someone else in the room to choose the card. If they choose "50: 50" then tell them to imagine half of a deck, one red suit and one black, tell them to first pick a color, and then a number. Reveal the card they chose, adding patter as you please. :D
  6. Hey Demon,

    Thats a great idea!


  7. thanks, i'm gonna have to try it out sometime soon. :)
  8. Omg that's genius, i'm gonna try that out next time.

  9. Cool, please PM me after you do and tell me about it!
  10. Gotta try it out myself as well.


  11. Cool, please PM me after you do it as well.
  12. I read this idea a long time ago...don't know where. I use it sometimes:

    Walk up to a spectator and say, "Hey you look familiar...oh I know you were in that dream last night. I was at a card game with all my friends, and you were there too. I had no idea who you were until now. You kept telling me to play this one card. So I woke up, found a deck of cards, and turned it over in the pack. What was that card?..." You get the idea.
  13. Actually, this thread belongs more in the "Product Questions."
    but any-hoo... I love the ID. Very good, and the only trick deck i will ever use...ever. I recomend Jay Sankey's "Invisible." Has grat tips on almost every aspect of the deck. HE COVERS EVERYTHING!!!!!!
    I highly recomend it!
  14. I'm also going to try that out demon.

    Here is my routine that I use, I got it from a few different magicians. Anyway, you have a paper bag with the deck inside it fold it up until it gets to a small square. Tell the spectator to take out an invisible deck of cards, shuffle, and select a card, then you have 4 random volunteers to pick if its going to be red or black, high or low, even or odd (you discuss that jack=11, queen=12 and so on...), and the suit, then you have the card. Just so you randomize it you can throw out pieces of paper into the audience and who ever catches it volunteers (if its a big enough crowd). After that you tell them to reverse the deck and "throw" the deck back and you have your hand inside the paper bag and you snap the outside to make it sound like it fell in the bag. It sounds confusing, but the concept is easy, and the audience always gets a laugh, maybe not always, but you'll almost always hear a chuckle. Then after that I pull the deck out, and say ok, the card color was (the random person who got chosen yells it out, and you do this for the other three things. Then you reveal to them that that random card has flipped itself over in the deck.

    I always get great reactions with this trick because nobody can even think of explanation to this trick.
  15. Kinda like this perhaps?
  16. Nice idea, but I prefer to treat the ID has a regular deck and just make it like you predicted what card the person would think of and turned it over the day before.
  17. I believe Bill Malone has an interesting use of invisible deck... in one of the "On the loose"

  18. Yeah that is pretty much the routine. Although I didn't get it from him I got it from some different magicians and put them together.

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