Invisible Deck?

Jul 13, 2009
Haha... I like to think that was funny..... Probably wasn't.... I'm gonna take my meds now... (JK)

Hey I take offense to that, not because I have used that joke in some videos of mine but I have AALFD disease and they still haven't given me meds for it. :(
Sep 9, 2007
TBH, I think it's a good buy.

Yeah, you can make one for cheaper only slightly though, but it only makes sense if you use it often enough to make 5-6.

But overall,

-Cheap - under $15
-Easy to learn for beginners
-Easy to create a new routine/presentation for
-Strong effect, very visual
-Great trick to learn how to actually present magic because it's so easy, yet so strong
-The concept will give you ideas for other, smaller applications of the principle

-Requires you to carry a gimmicked deck that can't be reused for much else.
-Been done to death - everyone learns/sees it eventually.

So yeah, like i said, definate buy for everyone - It's cheap, easy and a great way to learn all sorts of good stuff about presentation and thinking about magic....
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