Is Magic Sexist?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by navasai&Lents, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Read "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Greene and get back to me.
  2. It doesnt look right watching a girl do SAW lol .. imagine if a girl walked up to you in the street and starting cutting through her throat with a piece of thread.
  3. yes you are right given the right. only because of the media.

    think steriotypes, placing lables on people, or being bias.

    woman in world war 1 had very little to do, they were suposed to stay home and clean. and if you go back even further they start having less and less rights, so wen you of woman being entertainers, or athletes, it didn't exist back then.also woman didn't do really any manual labor jobs except being nurses or medics.

    The media sets how things should be done who to do it, and only in the recent hundred years has this started to change, so yes it is weird to see a girl cut here throat, but come on if anybody cut their throat in front of you, you'd probibly say the same thing holy s***.

  4. Why blame the media? In my opinion one of the main groups of people that think women are inferior are religious fanatics.
    I find it funny that from the start steerpike was right lol.
  5. He has made a habit of it. :D
  6. I dont magic is sexiest I think magic is SEXY
  7. So true. we only do it for the all sex.
  8. there are famous female magicians, however at one point, if you are a magicain, there will be almost a creed you will have to recite about not giving your secrets away unless to another magician or to someone who can keep it secretive, im paraphrasing here, but there's a part about not sharing it with a woman, but that has since been removed. when magic was in its early stages, women were not allowed to even see it done, it was man's only thing. do some research and you'll see why....
  9. 2 words...ANGELA FUNOVITS =)
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    2 more words. thread bump.

    this thread is done. and useless.
  11. how can it be when before me you were the last to say something...

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