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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RXillusionist, Apr 1, 2009.

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  2. Official note from Me: -- This is not my website. While I apprecaite a good joke when I see one, I am not joking about releasing Jerry's Nuggets.

  3. Edit: Damn, I thought this was gonna be a good one too.
  4. Of course, Lee. Looking forward to them!!!
  5. Damn clive.
    go kill yourself
  6. That was so not right
  7. Well ive contactced some mods a little while ago.............. nothing we can do but wait
  8. Sigh, please don't tell me Rick Roll'ing people will come back into style because E did it.
  9. LOL. Epic Rick roll.
  10. You got me - at my work - I tried to sneak a peak and my computer starting LOUDLY PLAYING that stupid clip...then I couldn't click off it...then I couldn't close it.

    On any other day - funny - not in a compliance meeting - so, I will find out who you are, and kill you. That is all.

    First I will say - good April fools joke - second - I will really find you...I will really hurt you.

    Have a good day.
  11. Let's just all report him or something?
    maybe he'll kill himself

    go get a life or go kill yourself, dildo.
  12. Come on people, it's April Fools Day isn't it?
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    Yes, but half of the fun of April Fools is being creative with your jokes (or getting creatively fooled). A rick roll is far from creative...:rolleyes:

    Edit: Just as a side note, since people were complaining: it's very easy to avoid this sort of thing by a) reading the replies first, b) realizing what day it is, c) not having your volume on all of the time, only when needed, and d) using firefox with NoScript and AdBlock Plus. I was curious to see what would happen if I did fall for the April Fools "joke", and all I got was a page full of nothing (well...text, with boxes of where videos or ads are supposed to be), with the words "You've Been Rick Rolled" under what was supposed to be the video. Funny how even if I did fall for it, it was an easily avoidable situation to not have to watch that video. :)
  14. Nice!!! you got me, dude....
  15. :facepalm: can't believe I fell for that. lol. My chem professor definitely wasn't expecting to hear that in the middle of the lecture.
  16. Due to unpopularity of my unoriginality, I have changed the link. Check it out, the new one! :D

    PS I ordered a brick of both colours. Great success. They're shipping tomorrow. Can't wait!!!
  17. :rolleyes:

    Edit: Note that this is what I meant by creativity. At least it's original...not something that's been done NUMEROUS times before, not even on April Fools. You should probably add "all your base" somewhere in your first know, to spice it up a bit with some more brand spankin' new "creativity." :)
  18. Think this one's run its course. ;) Happy April Fools Day peeps.
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