Just did the best Mentalism trick of my life.

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  1. Hello! I just pulled off one of the best mentalism effects I have ever done. It is using a new method I thought of several days ago.

    Effect: I had a room of 13 Junior Highers and one adult. I asked the adult to think of the first word that floated into her mind. She wrote the word down on a piece of paper, not showing anyone. I then stared into her eyes and after a few moments asked her if the word she wrote was Bubble. She said it was, and everyone was amazed. I then asked her if it would be more amazing if it was written on her arm. She checked and saw that it was written on her arm in pen. Everyone freaked out, and then I asked them how many of them would be amazed if it was on their arms too. The junior highers checked their arms and it was written on each of their arms as well. That is when the pandemonium started. Everyone was absolutely blown away!

    I am attempting to market the method, but I do not really know where to start.
  2. d00d that trick's easy.
  3. Sounds pretty freakin' awesome. Is it foolproof though?
  4. Sounds unreal. Does the method involve knocking someone out then writing on them?:eek:
  5. whoa! That sounds crazy!

    I hope you do market it because I would LOVE to find out how to do that!
  6. care 2 post a vid of it cuz it sounds to unreal.
  7. yeah it sounds to unreal ... and it would suck if it wasn't failproof imagine everyones arm written with the wrong word talk about point and laugh.
  8. areu harry potter?
  9. Thanks Guys!
    I have been testing and developing the method over the last week. I tried it out last Tuesday and made the name of a kid randomly pointed to appear on a girl's arm. I tried the larger reveal today on the entire room of kids. It definitely worked. I had one kid walk out because he thought the writing was inside his arm and he was freaked out. I had to explain it was just pen ink. I am excited to see what becomes of this. I know Rich Ferguson is coming out with a trick like this soon, and I am curious to see how similar our methods are? Anyway, I am going to research how to go about marketing this, but I really do not know where to start. It is pretty high impact and very visual. I call it "Whisper" at the moment. I have never heard of a close up word to arm trick of this mass caliber and hope they are interested. I am a 27 year old NBC commercial editor and father of a little 6 month old girl. You can see some bits of the test I did last Tuesday on the girl here: www.mattillusion.com

    I just want to be clear that it is not the concept I have originated, but the method. Criss Angel, Blaine, Mike Super on Phenomenon, and others have pulled this effect off in different ways, but my method allows the performer to write on a spectator and end clean. It is not the concept I have originated, it is my method. I just wanted to say that in case others accuse me of taking credit for creating the trick.

    I have performed this 5 times now with success everytime. The first time I told my wife I loved her so much, and that I had given her a gift to remember that by. I then had her look at her arm and written on it were the words, "I love you." The next time one of my bosses at the local NBC affiliate was joking that I could not write on her. I told her to look at her arm and on it was written the words "Ha! Ha!" She freaked. The next time was Last Tuesday at Youth group where the name of a randomly pointed at child's name appeared on a little girl's arm. Bits of that can be seen at the above web site. The next time I performed the mass effect on the room of 13 students and the one adult. Finally, I got my grandma this afternoon. She said "There is no way you have written something on me." I had her look at her arm and indeed...I had. Again, it is the method I have thought of that lets the performer write on a spectator and then end clean. This is what I am so excited about!

    Yes, it is Failsafe and fullproof. The method can be used with many different effects to spice them up or be one of it's own.
  10. How hard is it to perform, because this sounds like a rep. maker to me.
  11. Wow, if this is real then that's f*cking amazing.
  12. Took the words right outta my mouth.

    Definitely worth marketing, sounds like this would sell like crazy.

    -Sam H
  13. I saw the vid on your website. That is amazing.

    I'd like to see you market this as well.
  14. Wow guys! I appreciate the comments. It is a mid level trick. It involves misdirection and planning, as many mentalism tricks do. There is a small slight involved, but the effect is unbeatable. It has caused the best reactions I have ever received. I have received similar reactions from stigmata, but words appearing on other people's arms really freaks them out. Sincerely, Matt Sconce
  15. I'm dying to know how this works. You should market this.
  16. I am moving in that direction. I am going to start putting together a professional video showing the effect so I can pitch it. -Matt Sconce
  17. I just talked to Rich Ferguson. He is a great guy by the way. My method is one of the methods he uses, so I will not pursue marketing. I respect his work and am happy I can perform the illusion, but it is his intellectual property, and I respect that.

    Sincerely, Matt Sconce
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  19. Is Rich going to market it?
  20. Yep, and when he does it will rock!

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