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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by JDENredden, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Hello

    I was just browsing the forums here and I somehow ended up in Justin Millers Profile. And he had an Album intitled Captured... THE final word on CIB's. So I explored and it looks like he is coming out with a new DVD.

    I dont know of this is new or old or what not, but yer.

    Care to shed some light on this Justin?


  2. Cap in bottle...
  3. Wow

    Some great info there. Hehe

    Nuh man sounds cool.

  4. Yer he talked about this a while ago he had a video featuing Captured on his stickam account but man it is crazy visual and clean.

    The end word for CIB

  5. hey all,

    wait till ya'll see this! this IS the final word if you ask me ;)
    also, look forward to JM's new site as well! stay tuned!

  6. Hey,

    is there any news on the release date of the trailer?

  7. Release date and trailers coming soon ;)
  8. How soon? as in today soon?

  9. actually, the trailer was due out two or three days ago. but because od reasons out of justins control, it has been delayed.
  10. haha...i love Chris Kenners sentence on the dvd box..." OMG....WTF....." haha cool

  11. JM demonstrated this to me live and it was so visual and clean I pre-ordered one on the spot from him!

  12. It's amazing. I've seen him do it about 5 times, and I only get more confused each time as to how it could be done.
  13. I've seen Justin do Captured and its nuts... This is a pick up for sure.

  14. Kozmo magic is probably just editing it and maybe adding some music or other technical problems.
  15. Randy: The demo is done, but Koz hasn;t seen it yet. it need to get his approval first ;)
  16. Indeed, this is insane. Get it. :p

    - Sean
  17. I have seen him perform it live quite a few times and it's an awesome effect!
  18. DAMN i want it really badly now
  19. Definitely different than your other Kozmo DVD's as far as style. The effect looks spectacular. I'm still confused after watching you do this on our chats over and over again... I'm going to put TA on the side for just a moment and get this. I've waited months for this. Great job on this Justin.


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