Justin Miller's Captured CIB

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  1. $300 is a lot of money... I think I'll take some small detours while I save up. ;) Captures is just...... oh wow amazing.

  2. This is on my list of effects to get.
  3. The ONE I'd use to describe this trick is CLEEEEEAN!


    Good work Justin
  4. Hey Justin,

    How does Captured differ from Charlie Justice's Prohibition?
  5. 1. the cap is not bent
    2. the spec holds the cap. (I think they do at least...)
  6. i second Thirdhit's question.

    How does it differ from Prohibition?
  7. Look at my post RIGHT above yours.

    "1. the cap is not bent
    2. the spec holds the cap. "
  8. no ring to buy

  9. This is either gonna be a hit or miss for me.

    Borrowed bottle?

    Can it be signed?

    p.s.- im RARELY intrigued by non-card effects. the other effects that got me pumped like this was Silver dream. then Indecent. Then Stigmata. Then Control. been a while, and i hope im not dissapointed!
  10. I'm not so sure about the signing and I don't think it can be borrowed from what I've heard, but why would you need the cap signed? Its incredibly visual. The cap just goes into the bottle. It can even be done in the spectator's hands. Why on earth would you even need it to be signed? Its incredibly visual and basic. If the spectator suspects you somehow switched the caps, there is a problem with how you did the effect. Signing really isn't needed.

  11. There is an old saying in Magic "Don't run, when you're not being chased." You do not need to convince people anything else besides the fact that the cap went into the glass bottle. After that, I am sure you could give them the bottle has a gift and then they'd just end up looking at it like "What the BLEEEEP!"
  12. I agree with Randy. there is enough of the shock factor that you don't need to sign the cap.
    This looks really good though. glad to see more stuff (lots!) from Justin.
  13. Yes, one of the problems with new magicians is that they try to show everyting clean even when they don't have to. I have two friends that aren't really into practicing tons of magic, but they enjoy the occasional trick. Just today as they were practicing an effect for me they said "Ok, so look, just an ordinary quarter. Nothing changed." I stopped them right there and told them not to do that. Its not necessary in that situation. It only opens up the possibility of trickery going on in the spectator's mind. If that possibility isn't brought up, suspicion is not there and it will make your performance a lot better.

    Again, I'm not sure if the cap can be signed, but I honestly don't even care. I wouldn't have them sign it even if it could be signed. In this case, it only brings up the possibility of suspicion.

  14. The other thing is I remember Justin saying that if they want the cap out, they'd have to break the bottle open. Thus destroying any evidence of anything suspicious. Jami Ian Swiss does this with anything as well. He never points out "Ordinary cards...blah blah." Because people don't ask about this stuff. I think Darwin Ortiz talked about this as well and said that the only time he ever makes things look suspicious is if he's doing a card warp. Where he has an entire deck filled with ad cards and that's pretty much it.

    Anywho, I don't see the point in trying to over prove anything. If they don't ask about it (which I doubt they will. Most spectators don't know about effects where bottle caps go into bottles. ) So to them, this is something new and totally awesome.
  15. Not really, i was just wondering. i'd be happy if it was THAT visual in person (And less angle sensitivity. lol)

    Can this be done with plastic bottles?
  16. Not sure about angles and I can't really say whether or not it can be done with plastic bottles because I don't know the method.:p However, I don't really care if it has to be done with a glass bottle. I could do this with a bottle of Snapple or root beer. It also gives me an excuse to possibly go to the store and pick up some of those glass Coke bottles I've always wanted to pick up, but haven't.:cool:

    I also like the sound the glass makes when it goes in as well. I would enjoy using it with glass bottles. Sure it won't be performable then if you have a plastic bottle which may be annoying, but I'm sure you will have your moments where you can just bust out the bottle and do this. ;) Where I live, my local pizza shop (which makes the best pizza by the way) sells glass bottles of Snapple and root beer. Maybe I can do a bottle switch after I'm done drinking from it and get out my gimmicked bottle.

  17. It is that VISUAL in person and very angle friendly.
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    goddamnit justin, you didnt say if it can be performed with plastic bottles!

    (im only asking cause where i work- there's an abundance of plastic bottles lol)

    p.s. Sin, i have the same intent as you. Ive always wanted to buy them kickass glass bottled cokes. for some odd reason. it just screams 'Cool'. not that i want to be cool, ive no idea. i think its a bloody marketing tactic. i'd probably experience buyers remorse afterwards, but who gives a damn.. i want it. Goddamnit.

    Just me rambling- Excuse me.

    -Edit 2:

    Practicality? impromptu?
  19. BTW: Coke in glass bottles tastes better for some reason. haah

    anywas: I can;t wait for this to come out!

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