Kryptonite - Hand size?

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  1. Hi,

    looking through Nursery Rhymes 2 and I'm really having problems with Kryptonite.
    Obviously I can't do it all smoothly yet but the part I'm having real trouble with is the last part, when you have to push the top packet ( which is on the bottom ) back up to the top.
    It says to push down on the edge with my second and third fingers. I can't make them reach over that far.
    Has anyone else had that problem?
    Any tips or advice?
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Do you have a visual learning aid? ie the system or the trilogy, it would make it alot easier.
  3. No unfortunatley not.
    Any other tips??
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    i think kryptonite is definitely not restricted to hand sizes
    the problem with the last packet
    which part do you mean?
    the bottom packet should slide along the index finger all the way to the top
    the hardest part is getting the packet over the middle joint of the index finger
    you accomplish this by pushing on the bottom right corner of the packet as much as you can with your pinky
    so the the top left corner of it is raised sufficiently enough to clear the joint
    at that point you just slide the packet in
    i remember i was having problems clearing that joint as well
    but it gets easier and easier with practice

    this pull down motion is the same as in the cardini change
    hot shot cut
    pinky pull down
    its all pinky strength and flexibility
    so if you practice all of those moves you are essentiall practicing kryptonite
  5. Very well put.

    NR2 is six years old and at the time I wasn't using the little finger to lever the packet above the middle joint of the index finger. Anyway, this is a hard cut to accomplish smoothly. Just keep practicing and try searching YouTube for a clip of it.
  6. DON'T search for a tuorial because they're probably teaching it wrong. I'm having trouble with this cut too. Thanks for the tips Aos.
  7. There is one that is right...too right.
  8. No, they meant a performance of it.

    And are you denying the authority of the people who created the cut?
  9. I know he meant performance. I was just saying not to search for TUTORIALS.

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