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  1. Let me start this thread by saying that i have always loved Krystyns performances.
    I got the pleasure of seeing her perform her stuff a few years back when she won Best Teen Magician. Ive seen her stuff and let me just say that watching Masters of Illusion tonight, the performance for best teen magician is nothing compared to tonights performance.
    She has grown so much as a performer and its incredible to see the change. Tonights performance was truly incredible, if any of you saw it im sure you agreed.
  2. I thought it was good, but she did too much floating of the rings. Just a bit would have been more magical imo but still a good performance!
  3. the floating rings routine she did is by vicktor voitko, he's a brilliant magician and sells some of his incredible ideas, to see vicktor perform this you won't worry too much about the floating but the beauty of it, I haven't seen the show tonight as it is yet to air here in vegas, but give her some time with it as i belive this is brand new to her arsenol and hopefully she'll hve it down

    ps, here's a youtube link of him performing it:
  4. I heard she was good, I think she just finished touring with Dan Sperry and Raza (i dont know his last name but how many magicians have the name of raza or people for that matter)
  5. Reza? He is a great magician, at least one of his tricks that I saw was ridiculous.
  6. well no we didn't really "tour" together per-say, we've worked several gigs together produced by different people. Her mom is very supportive but not too supportive, doesn't seem to fall into that creepy stage parent type I remember seeing other moms and dads like when I was a kid at both magic conventions and my sister's gymnastic tournaments, some of them get pretty scary haha
  7. I've only been watching the show for a month or so. It's really hard to sit still and watch the idiot box when there is so much out there to do, but my nearly 5 year son old enjoys having a night for just the two of us to watch "the magic show."

    Last night's routine with the rings was by far my favorite of Krsytn's performances on that show. She looked genuinely comfortable in front of the crowd and happy to be performing as well.

    It was great to see that confidence that she really deserves to have all the time.

    As an aside, my son loved watching both Dan Sperry performances. He also asked me to learn the effect with the soda can.
  8. Kystyn's street performances have, to put it tactfully, less than impressed me. However I must give her huge props on lasts nights performance, very good work.

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